Useful Phrases

The world is full of confusing concepts. Here are a few phrases that can make it a little easier to communicate.

Man with Female Parts (MWFP). Whenever someone says “transgender man” or “transgender woman”, it’s hard to figure out if they are saying the person was born as a man and is now acting as a female, or vice-versa. “Man with Female Parts” is much clearer. This is not meant to be offensive. It’s just clearer.

Of Course It’s Not All Muslims (OCINAM) – This is a phrase everyone feels obligated to say whenever they begin criticizing radical Muslims who have caused death and/or destruction. We say this because we are afraid someone will say that we are blaming all Muslims. Of course, we don’t say “Of Course It’s Not All Christians”, or “Of Course It’s Not All Republicans” because Christians and Republicans don’t send death threats and carry them out like radical Muslims. Use “OCINAM” for short. It will save time.

Perpetually Offended – There are many groups of people who seem intent on always finding something wrong with normal life. They don’t like people succeeding in life. They don’t like Christians believing in their religion. They don’t like the facts of history. And they believe that everything in life is oriented to make their life hard. They think everyone is conspiring to keep them from succeeding. So they devote their time to denouncing everyone and explaining to us why everything in life is terrible. They are in a mindset where they will always be offended and can’t really enjoy life.

Woman with Male Parts (WWMP). See MWFP