Blog: Why clapping is now deemed offensive

I truly believe there are people who sit around in a basement to make these things up. In their minds, it is offensive, even though probably no one has ever complained.


Clemson ‘Diversity’ Training: Time Is Culturally Relative, Expecting Promptness Is Racist

And cultural news today, it is been determined that time itself is a racist concept. Because of this revelation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are now declaring that the IRS’s deadline for sending in taxes is racist. The IRS, not wanting to run afoul of political correctness, immediately said that is perfectly fine for people to send in their taxes “whenever they feel like it.”

The Federal election commission has also issued a statement saying that the November election deadline was “just a joke “. ” If you haven’t voted yet, please feel free to do so “.

Starbucks stores across the fruited plain are also scrambling to respond. Their chief diversity officer yesterday announced that store hours being currently posted on storefronts will be changed. Starting time is now “whatever “, and closing time is “something something”. Employees who forget what day it is and forget to show up for work will no longer be penalized.

All of this information was verified by a reliable fake news site.

Black Ivy League student claims ‘trauma’ after white professor refuses to acknowledge privilege – The College Fix

We are all aware of the snowflake problem on campuses. These are people who are so wrapped up with perpetually being offended that they can’t actually be students. They can only function if there are safe spaces every time someone makes a comment that doesn’t line up with your view of reality.

Now, it appears that they simply can’t function as students if I don’t hear language that shows enough current concern for their imagined problems. This individual is simply falling apart.

One thing to admire about the women who are highlighted in the Hidden Figures movie is that they endured personal slights and prejudices without complaining. They put up with it , knowing that that was simply part of the job. It was unjust, but they accepted it with grace. Many people have to face this every day. There are bosses that simply treat some employees badly. There are athletes that are sometimes singled out for ostracism or special treatment by their own team. There are times when someone simply has to endure bad treatment by a relative. And then there are countries where simply being a Christian makes you a second-class citizen or someone to be imprisoned.

Sometimes the best strategy is simply learning to endure with grace.

At one time, I wondered if this kind of behavior would actually hurt our economy. If we graduate a lot of these folks who don’t know how to make it in the real world, they actually could be a drain on our society. Now, I realize that I was wrong. We could use these people in the world of espionage.

Think about it. These people are able to see codes and hidden meanings that everyone else doesn’t see. Instead of focusing on micro aggressions and white privilege, we could have them look for the hidden meanings in the speech and writings of suspected terrorists. I can already envision them watching a video of some suspect and then excitedly pointing, “There! There! Do you see it? That’s where he shows that he’s a spy.”

We could probably shut down Al Qaeda in a heartbeat.

Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Accused of Racism After Using Black Emojis

Using black emojis is racist? The world of the Perpetually Offended is a minefield to be carefully trod.

Yikes: MTV Video ‘2017 Resolutions for White Guys’ Airs Laundry List of Grievances

The wise person looks at the errors of others and tries to correct his/her own life. Unfortunately, t he worldview of the Perpetually Offended is to constantly tell others what they are doing wrong.