Hamas rioter: group tricks women, children to enter line of fire

What is the mindset of those who deliberately want to put women and children into harm’s way. No matter what religion you belong to, it’s never right to put innocent lives at risk.



Democrat Sen. Murphy Explains How ‘Absolutely No Screening’ Could Make America Safer

Regardless of where you are on Trump’s recent executive order on immigration, it’s important to have a well-thought-out explanation of your position. Politicians especially should have a well-thought-out position. Here, Senator Murphy from Connecticut explains his stance in opposition.

Notice that he is for having no screening whatsoever for the United States. How would that prevent terrorism? He has two points. First, he says that because most Muslim terrorists come through Europe, then Europe should do the vetting . Then we won’t have to. That’s not an absence of screening. It’s just moving it over to the Europeans. And it ignores the fact that terrorists could just as easily come through other countries.

The second point is that he says once terrorists get to the United States, then we should prevent them from getting an assault weapon. So he’s perfectly okay with them making it to American soil, but he simply doesn’t want them to have an assault weapons. Pistols are fine. Machetes are fine. Explosives are fine. But not assault weapons.

A prime example of how not to think.


Women’s March National Co-Chair: Sharia Law is ‘Reasonable’ ,’ Misunderstood’

The alliance between feminists and Muslims has always been quirky. Here, a Muslim cochair of the women’s march advocates sharia law. We all know that the vast majority of the women at that March would oppose sharia law. So what gives?

Sharia law does not work well with other worldviews. It is an attempt to silence all other viewpoints then Islam. Those who promote tolerance and place Coexist bumper stickers on their cars would find them silenced in a sharia society.


Sexual assault street maps popular in Muslim countries

The sexual-harassment these women faced is certainly horrific by Western standards. Rarely, if ever, do things like this happen in our society. I don’t mean to imply that Islam allows this kind of behavior, because it clearly does not. However, what is it about the culture of these countries that allow such things to occur?

No culture is perfect. But it is my opinion that some worldviews have a better method of dealing with human sin and depravity than others. We all do bad things. If we only try to cover up the bad things that we do and only deal with them at a surface level, then those bad things will eventually find a way to get out. But if we actually deal with our motives and our heart and try to deal with our motivation for doing those bad things, it would seem like we would have more success.

Islam, like many religions, include people who want to do the right thing. But does that religion have good tools for helping its believers actually combat sin within them?


Can you guess how Muslims reacted to the Istanbul massacre?

It is sad that we have gotten so used to these kinds of attacks. The attack included a man in a Santa Claus outfit shouting Allahu Akbar and then shooting up the nightclub. We know exactly why this occurred. This was a radical Muslim that was angry that Muslims were engaging in what they consider to be non-Islamic behavior.

This article says that the Muslim governments that have reacted to this are not really outraged. They are just going through the motions. If they were really outraged, they would do something. The article goes on to say that they actually accept this type of behavior.

That is a possibility, but it also may just simply be that this kind of thing occurs so often in Muslim cultures. Radical Muslims attack other Muslims who are not adhering to a strict form of Islam. This occurs in Muslim countries all the time. I think this perpetuates because the Muslim culture seems to expect this kind of condemnation.

In contrast, Christians in the United States and Western Europe behave differently. They may also raise an outcry against what they considered to be immoral behavior, but rarely do they react in violence. The culture of Christianity is to love your neighbor even if they are engaging in immoral behavior.

I also need to say something about what I’m calling immoral behavior. I don’t know what the people in the nightclub were actually doing. I don’t know that they were actually doing anything immoral.


The Mindset that Recreates Reality

After the Muslim jihadist assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey, there are a number of media outlets who were quick to say this has nothing to do with Islam. This is a worldview found everywhere among liberals and media elites. They been very quick to interpret the religion of Islam according to their views. They do not interpret it according to what the religion itself says, nor do they report what is simply the logical conclusion.

The same liberal worldview has reinterpreted Islam as a religion of peace. A strictly Koranic view of Islam shows that original Islam was anything but a religion of peace. It was constantly at war with infidels. Of course, there are many moderate Muslims who do not live their lives strictly according to the Koran. They have moderated their views. But modern jihadists are based on a solely Koranic view of reality. The spread of early Islam was primarily by force.

As I thought about this tendency of liberals to view Islam as a peaceful religion , I realized they have been doing this kind of thing all along. They reinterpret religions according to what they think that religion ought to believe. They’ve done this with Christianity.

The Christian worldview says that you cannot get to heaven without believing in Jesus as Savior. Liberals balk at that and say no. They say Jesus was just a good man with lots of interesting things to say. They believe that Christianity is just one of many ways to God, regardless of the fact that Christianity denies this.

Christianity says that abortion is wrong. Killing an innocent human being and spilling their blood is an abomination to the Christian God. Yet there are liberals, including liberal Christians, who reinterpret the Bible to say that abortion is okay.

This is also happened more recently with the issue of homosexual marriage. Christianity only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman. Liberals, however, reinterpret the Bible and say that the Bible says no such thing.

But all this behavior gets back to the liberal worldview. The liberal worldview puts man at the center of everything. Truth is only what man interprets it to be. There is no objective truth. Thus, we can shape anything and everything as we see fit. This explains why the liberal mindset has constantly tried social engineering and failed. They have tried eliminating capitalism, which runs against human nature. They have tried giving out vast sums of money to people without any responsibilities attached, which produces bad human behavior. They have tried sex without consequences, which also runs counter to our nature.

A worldview that focuses on the truth and reality of human nature will always be more successful.


German minister sparks outrage after refusing to wear a hijab during Saudi Arabia visit

I’ve often wondered why modern western women who travel to Muslim lands still feel compelled to cover up. Obviously, there’s no need to be provocative, but why should a woman wear a head  covering if Islam is not her religion?

All sorts of women have done this in order not to offend. But why? The same moderns have no qualms about telling Christians what they should or should not do. Are we being consistent in our worldview?

This is a first. She is obviously taking a lot of heat about this, but other women should follow her lead.