Hungry Venezuelans turn to Colombia for a plate of food 

People of Venezuela are starving. Not the government delete , who have already stockpiled all the food they want. I’m talking about the middle-class as well as the vast numbers of people in the working class who are responsible for electing President Maduro. 

 As indicated in this article, Venezuelans are streaming across the border into Columbia just to get some food. And sometimes they try to find work for a day. All this occurs before they have to return back to their home. Most of the time, the food relief comes from churches and Christian groups. 

 This is really fascinating. Venezuela is a socialist government. By definition, socialism should share equally with everyone. The poor will be taken care of. No one will starve. Yet in Venezuela , just about everyone is miserable. Many are starving and face complete ruin. This is not what socialism is supposed to be. But we’ve seen this happening for a long time. And it will probably get worse before gets better. 

 Yet, or are church and Christian organizations that are offering help to these poor Venezuelans. This is not a government program from Columbia. It’s not relief from the United States. For all of the concern for people in Venezuela and even in our own country, it always seems to come down to concerned individuals who are helping others out of the goodness of their own heart. Government programs are fine, but they rarely are there first, and they rarely bring about full change.


Mark Zuckerberg calls for universal basic income at Harvard speech

The concept of a guaranteed income has been around for a while. The Swiss  considered it. The Finns tried it in small measure. The Communists abandoned it. It never worked, but apparently there are people who want to see it working a capitalist context. What evidence is there that it will work this time?

Soderbergh seems to believe that people have a guaranteed income, they would be willing to take risks to try new business ideas. Some may do so. Some may simply game the system. And others might simply continue to seek after losing ventures. After all, there would be little risk in failure.

Now that we are establishing healthcare as a universal right, as wrong is that may be, here are now ideas of how to establish other lights , such as guaranteed income.

A new economic approach from the liberal worldview

Liberals have been floating some new economic ideas of late. One is a guaranteed minimum income. Another is a cap on income. This has actually been voted on in Switzerland and is being tried out in a limited way in Finland. The concept , of course, it is to reduce income inequality. This is never really worked in history, but it is nevertheless something liberal social engineers seem to want to try again. We may find more proposals of this in the years to come.

Venezuela Follows India’s Example and Voids Half of Its Cash

Ex-bus driver President Maduro shows his economic brilliance. While people go hungry and the economy collapses…

Venezuela Seizes Millions of Toys From Company to Give to Kids

Practically all politicians try to do things that will please their constituents in order to keep them in power. In places like the US, it is often things like a small tax break or dedicating a monument. Most of this doesn’t get much attention, although it does please some folks.

In Venezuela, the government of Chavez and now Maduro has taken this to another level. By adopting socialism, the government has given itself the power to seize parts of private business in order to please citizens. Asking be seen in this article, Maduro is taking toys from a private business to distribute to poor children. This is intended to please a lot of Venezuelans during Christmas. There are claims of price gouging by the business. And this is on top of Maduro’s order that all businesses cut their prices by 30 to 50%. Obviously, this is aimed at getting the increasingly agitated citizenry to love him. But it destroys business. No one wants to invest in a country where your assets and your prices could be taken by the government at any time. And they wonder why their economy has tanked.

Clinton Campaign Found Gender Pay Gap At Clinton Foundation

It’s good to see some actual investigative reporting once in awhile. For those of you who are shocked at this, we have known that this inequity has existed for a long time even in liberal organizations. It’s actually hard to achieve true equity simply because so many women take career breaks for family reasons.

Okay, so getting past the fact that this makes Hillary look bad, why do liberals make this an issue when it can be so easily debunked? My guess is that they count on people not paying attention. We don’t pay attention to a lot of things.

Venezuela’s life threatening “Maduro diet” is no joke

The escalation of poverty and hunger in Venezuela is nothing new. However, the fact that maduro is preventing humanitarian aid from coming into the country is new to me.

The hermit kingdom of North Korea has been in a similar situation for years. Because of their economic policies, they are not able to grow enough food to support their own people, nor are they able to import enough food. Once in a while, when conditions in North Korea got especially bad , they would except humanitarian aid. Nevertheless, the hunger continues. People continue to lie starving on the sidewalks.

Unless things change, it will happen in Venezuela also. What is in the mind of Maduro that he won’t allow humanitarian aid? It undoubtedly would be his belief that the United States is embarking on a conspiracy to overthrow his government. It is this paranoia that must drive him to hurt the entire country .