Texas teen was beaten, had hot cooking oil poured on her after refusing arranged marriage: police | Fox News

Another sad story of an immigrant family who comes to this country and forces their young daughter to marry a much older man. I understand that this is done in other countries, especially in Muslim countries. What I don’t understand is why they believe they can come to America and force their daughters into such a life. 

If only feminists would stand up for young ladies like this. 



Meditation doesn’t make you a better person | Daily Mail Online

Meditation, today called mindfulness, is promoted in all parts of our society. It’s seen as a panacea for stress and our generally busy society. It is promoted by health plans and by businesses to their employees. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.

As someone who was an advocate of meditation at one time, I can vouch for the results of this study. After meditating, you feel peaceful, but it doesn’t actually change your inward nature. I always wondered why, after meditating, I would still get just as irritated and angry at people as they always had.

 This new study confirms it. Nevertheless, I believe this will be advocated for many years. I don’t believe most people actually look at scientific conclusions these days.


California man confesses to 1993 murder in tearful TV interview; police arrest three | Fox News

This is an amazing story about how a man who committed murder later became a Christian and then confessed to his crime. He full well knew the consequences of his admission, yet came forward anyway. He will certainly be tried for his crime. 

What kind of change in a man’s worldview would make him confess? It would have to be a worldview that promises something much more than the penalties of his confession. 


Think Again If You Believe Marijuana Just Makes You Mellow

According to a new study, marijuana makes you more prone to feeling that others are deceiving you. It also makes you feel more alienated from other people. And that leads to a higher incidence of psychotic behavior. 

This runs counter to the popular belief that marijuana is a fairly harmless drug that just makes you want to relax and crave munchies. As I have written here extensively, there is more and more scientific evidence that marijuana does much more harm than good. We are finding all of this out only now that a number of states have accepted medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana. Maybe we should pull back on that until we find out what is coming out of Pandora’s box.

For more information about some of the recent findings, click here

A quarter of non-believers pray when faced with a crisis | Daily Mail Online

I think we already know that there are many people who do this. When under duress, there are many people who will turn to God for help. We have all seen real or fictional stories where an individual, when faced with a life-or-death situation, will make a “deal” with God wherein he says, “God, if you get me out of here, I’ll …” do this or that to show you I am really grateful. 

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to do. After all, if we are unsure about our worldview, perhaps it’s worth looking at another one to see if it is actually true. 

There are a lot of people who live their lives as if there is no God and no afterlife. They scoff at those who do and engage in a risky lifestyle, believing nothing can hurt them. If, in fact, there is no God or afterlife, who cares what you do in this life. It wouldn’t matter if you are the biggest saint or sinner. When you die, you die.

But what if it actually matters? What if we are suddenly faced with the possibility of a very unpleasant afterlife because we haven’t cared about spiritual matters? Perhaps it is best to turn at the last minute and express a belief in God. If you are wrong, it wouldn’t matter anyway. But if God actually exists, it may actually affect your eternal soul.

I’m not trying to evangelize here, but just looking at why someone would do this.


The Lack of Common Sense in Higher Education

For a long time, a small number of people have known about the ability to influence and sway others through a combination of redefined terminology, logic that includes partial truths, and a sense of confidence in communication. These include politicians, sales people, and cult leaders.

Higher education these days seems willing to follow suit. There have been many statements made by teachers and professors that defy common sense. Recently, there have been two papers that illustrate this point.

  • In this paper, the head of the Department of Higher Education at the University of Denver says that laziness should now be considered a virtue. Of course, this stands the concept of “virtue”, or something to be admired because of its goodness, on its head. I should probably expect to see the IRS give me an additional refund if I ever turn in my income tax returns late.
  • This paper is from a math teacher at Brooklyn College. In it, she says that “meritocracy” is racist. The term “meritocracy” is rewarding students in a math class with good grades because they have learned the concepts of the class. Apparently, if you give good grades to good students, you are racist.

This kind of thinking is basically due to a type of thinking in vogue in our society today. It’s called “postmodernism”. The postmodern worldview abandons reason (i.e., the “modern” in “postmodern”) in favor of borrowing a little thinking from one line of reasoning, then blending it with a completely different line of reasoning, then presenting the mash-up as a cohesive concept.

Too many minds have been ruined by this type of thinking. It’s scary to think that our society is also in the midst of upheaval due to this mindset.

Dress-Up and Being Transracial


I remember one day when my daughter was very young and she dressed herself up as a pirate. For the rest of the day, we had to call her “Yellowbeard” (she was blonde), and say “Arrrrr!” a lot. She identified as a pirate, so she wanted us to address her as a pirate, use pirate language around her, and otherwise consider her a pirate all day. Everyone who saw her played along.

Of course, the next day she could be a very different character. That was who she was. And it was cute.

In her mid-twenties now, she no longer identifies as a pirate. She did go through other identities during her very early years, but that is not a part of her now.

Oddly enough, there are adults in our society who want us to consider them to be something other than what they are. We have all heard about Rachel Dolezal and her attempts to recast herself as a black woman, even though she is white. She actually attempted to hide her past as a white female, but it eventually was revealed that she had been presenting herself as black, probably in order to get significant jobs within NAACP. I can see how that transformation could benefit her job-wise.

Now, however, there is a white man who is claiming to be Filipino, even though he has no such ancestry. He says that he’s “transracial” and now identifies as a Filipino. This appears harmless, although it is possible that he could try to use this for gain, such as jobs or immigration to the Philippines.

On a side note, he also says he identifies as a woman now. This may have played into his decision to be transracial. When someone can change their gender simply by declaring it so, what is to prevent them from changing anything else about their life simply by declaration? What about:

“I’m a pirate now! Arrrrrr!”

                “I’m a policeman now! Pull over!”

                “I’m a doctor now! I can perform surgery!”

And many other ridiculous declarations. This is all so silly, but we are asked to consider these incidents as worthy of consideration.

According to the article, the Florida man says that he loves experiencing Filipino music and food, so he believes he’s really Filipino. Well, I like a lot of things, but that doesn’t make me a member of the Carolina Panthers, a highly-trained sniper, or a millionaire.

It’s all quite exasperating.