Students Love Socialism, Whatever That Is…

Campus Reform interviewed some college students about Socialism. According to these students, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. The only thing is, they don’t know what Socialism means. See the clip.

Socialism has caused problems everywhere it has been tried. It is currently ruining Venezuela. It has also ruined every Communist country (since Communism is Socialist at heart). It has a very well-known history of causing economic misery. Socialism promises to help everyone but only succeeds in making all but the elite miserable.

So it’s not hidden information. But these students have not taken the time to find out the truth. All they know is that it sounds cool. They have heard their friends talking about Socialism and decided it was okay. And their friends heard it from somewhere. And so on.

This happens all the time in society. We get our worldview from our friends. Many of us don’t really examine beliefs and select what is the right one. Instead, we just adopt the views of those around us, often without any skepticism.

But it takes maturity to actually question what we believe and learn what works in the real world.

Study finds teen pregnancy rates drop as government funding of sex ed decreases | Fox News

Let’s get beyond the politics of this one. What do you think goes on in the minds of teens if they are not taught sex education that would bring about this decrease?

Recovering heroin addict arrested on drug charges returns to thank police officer

Most of the time, when people get arrested or get a ticket, they harden. This woman turned her life around. What a great story , all because she decided to change her way of thinking.