Texas teen was beaten, had hot cooking oil poured on her after refusing arranged marriage: police | Fox News

Another sad story of an immigrant family who comes to this country and forces their young daughter to marry a much older man. I understand that this is done in other countries, especially in Muslim countries. What I don’t understand is why they believe they can come to America and force their daughters into such a life. 

If only feminists would stand up for young ladies like this. 



Meditation doesn’t make you a better person | Daily Mail Online

Meditation, today called mindfulness, is promoted in all parts of our society. It’s seen as a panacea for stress and our generally busy society. It is promoted by health plans and by businesses to their employees. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.

As someone who was an advocate of meditation at one time, I can vouch for the results of this study. After meditating, you feel peaceful, but it doesn’t actually change your inward nature. I always wondered why, after meditating, I would still get just as irritated and angry at people as they always had.

 This new study confirms it. Nevertheless, I believe this will be advocated for many years. I don’t believe most people actually look at scientific conclusions these days.


The Lack of Common Sense in Higher Education

For a long time, a small number of people have known about the ability to influence and sway others through a combination of redefined terminology, logic that includes partial truths, and a sense of confidence in communication. These include politicians, sales people, and cult leaders.

Higher education these days seems willing to follow suit. There have been many statements made by teachers and professors that defy common sense. Recently, there have been two papers that illustrate this point.

  • In this paper, the head of the Department of Higher Education at the University of Denver says that laziness should now be considered a virtue. Of course, this stands the concept of “virtue”, or something to be admired because of its goodness, on its head. I should probably expect to see the IRS give me an additional refund if I ever turn in my income tax returns late.
  • This paper is from a math teacher at Brooklyn College. In it, she says that “meritocracy” is racist. The term “meritocracy” is rewarding students in a math class with good grades because they have learned the concepts of the class. Apparently, if you give good grades to good students, you are racist.

This kind of thinking is basically due to a type of thinking in vogue in our society today. It’s called “postmodernism”. The postmodern worldview abandons reason (i.e., the “modern” in “postmodern”) in favor of borrowing a little thinking from one line of reasoning, then blending it with a completely different line of reasoning, then presenting the mash-up as a cohesive concept.

Too many minds have been ruined by this type of thinking. It’s scary to think that our society is also in the midst of upheaval due to this mindset.

Dress-Up and Being Transracial


I remember one day when my daughter was very young and she dressed herself up as a pirate. For the rest of the day, we had to call her “Yellowbeard” (she was blonde), and say “Arrrrr!” a lot. She identified as a pirate, so she wanted us to address her as a pirate, use pirate language around her, and otherwise consider her a pirate all day. Everyone who saw her played along.

Of course, the next day she could be a very different character. That was who she was. And it was cute.

In her mid-twenties now, she no longer identifies as a pirate. She did go through other identities during her very early years, but that is not a part of her now.

Oddly enough, there are adults in our society who want us to consider them to be something other than what they are. We have all heard about Rachel Dolezal and her attempts to recast herself as a black woman, even though she is white. She actually attempted to hide her past as a white female, but it eventually was revealed that she had been presenting herself as black, probably in order to get significant jobs within NAACP. I can see how that transformation could benefit her job-wise.

Now, however, there is a white man who is claiming to be Filipino, even though he has no such ancestry. He says that he’s “transracial” and now identifies as a Filipino. This appears harmless, although it is possible that he could try to use this for gain, such as jobs or immigration to the Philippines.

On a side note, he also says he identifies as a woman now. This may have played into his decision to be transracial. When someone can change their gender simply by declaring it so, what is to prevent them from changing anything else about their life simply by declaration? What about:

“I’m a pirate now! Arrrrrr!”

                “I’m a policeman now! Pull over!”

                “I’m a doctor now! I can perform surgery!”

And many other ridiculous declarations. This is all so silly, but we are asked to consider these incidents as worthy of consideration.

According to the article, the Florida man says that he loves experiencing Filipino music and food, so he believes he’s really Filipino. Well, I like a lot of things, but that doesn’t make me a member of the Carolina Panthers, a highly-trained sniper, or a millionaire.

It’s all quite exasperating.


More About the Adverse Effects of Marijuana

In the 60’s and 70’s, America began experimenting with marijuana. The story at the time was that cannabis does nothing more than get you high, make you mellow, and give you a craving for munchies and sex. That was then.

Moving forward in time a few decades, and we find people pushing marijuana to become legalized. First, they convinced many that it was important medically, but it turns out that there is little scientific evidence that it helps either chronic pain or PTSD.  The U.S. government says there is no accepted medical use for marijuana.

Not only that, but there is evidence is actually causes harm:

  • Impairs short term memory and judgment
  • Distorts perception
  • Negatively affects teen cognitive
  • Addictive

Marijuana is also associated with:

Now, we have discovered that smoking marijuana makes people more violent.

Since this blog is about how people think, we can clearly see that marijuana is harming how people think. So why did we want to legalize marijuana again?

Of course, it’s because we just wanted another way to get high. Legally. Forget about whether it actually is good for us.



This Chip On My Shoulder Is Too Heavy for Me to Lighten Up

In my blog, I chose not to write about the Charlottesville incident because I’m not trying to inflame anyone. I’m simply looking at how people think. Some ways of thinking make sense. Others don’t. We all fail at this at some time. I hope we can learn from the stories I write about.

One thing I find interesting is how people who aren’t from the South think about the South. Having been raised in the South, I have had an affinity for many of its charms. One thing I especially like is how they have moved on from their past. Southerners do not want to go back to the plantation days and slavery. Slavery is wrong. That war was fought, and the South lost. They get it.

Today, the South often likes to poke fun at itself. Nowhere is it more in evidence than at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. I attended it recently, and thoroughly enjoyed myself, even the part about eating without utensils.

But there is an air of seriousness that seems to exist today with anything remotely or indirectly referring to the Confederacy, and that was on display in a recent Slate article about the Dixie Stampede.  The author, Alisha Harris, went to the Dixie Stampede. She seemed curious about it and seemed to think that it would display all of the bad things people often assume about the South. Everything she saw at the Stampede went contrary to what she expected to see.

Her opening paragraph tells us that she thinks about the entire show: “It’s a lily-white kitsch extravaganza that play-acts the Civil War but never once mentions slavery.” This colors her entire evening. She expects to see the Civil War played again, with mistreatment and enslavement of blacks. She’s thinking too hard. Parton intended this entire show as a good-natured inclusive show that focuses on competition between the North and South. No one fires a shot. No one is whipped. It’s all fun competition.

When Harris arrived for the show, she expected to be ostracized because she was black:

I was surprised to see more people of color than I expected—an Asian family here, a Latino family there. There were smatterings of black people, though I didn’t spot any who appeared to be there by themselves. Some were one half of an interracial couple, while others appeared to be there with their white co-workers or friends.

Again, at the “saloon” (which sold no alcohol), she found: Somewhat to my surprise, a couple of black women were working behind the counter. How could someone who is black actually want to work here? Aren’t they all racists at this show? She ended up chatting with a few white couples near her. Wouldn’t that indicate that she could put down her defensive stance and just enjoy the evening? No. She’s here to prove a point.

Parton, “racist” that she is, even included a Native American segment. The segment emphasizes their place in American History and in no way degrades them, but Harris seems to ignore that.

When the show gets to the competition between the North and the South, they don’t mention the Civil War, but instead uses a horse race, pig race, and toilet seat horseshoes as competition. The competition is good-natured, with one side sometimes giving the other side a “do-over” to show it’s all in good fun. (I think they do that to prevent anyone from taking this too seriously.)

In the end, the announcer says that the score doesn’t matter because we are all Americans. It’s a unifying way to end the evening, since no one wants to actually return to those days. The show is trying to bring us all together at the end of the show.

Yet Harris is always trying to find a way to somehow be offended. When she went to the bathroom she found “‘Southerners Only’ on a light-colored placard and ‘Northerners Only’ on a dark-colored placard.” She calls this “horrifying tone-deaf“, yet goes in the Southern bathroom.

At the end of the show, she’s still working on finding that racism:

As the crowd began to disperse, I chatted up the white couple next to me. They happened to be from Staten Island, in my hometown New York City, and looked to be in their late 20s or early 30s. They were there as fans of Dolly. I asked, “What do you think of the fact that in the show they claim ‘we’re all winners’ and ‘there’s no North and South,’ considering everything that’s happening in the news lately?” 

But the couple just says it’s really nothing. Harris is determined to get people riled up, but everyone is just there to have a good time. No one’s trying to stoke anger. Except perhaps Harris. She ends the story by comparing it to Springtime For Hitler. There’s nothing like playing the Nazi card to show your contempt.

The South buried the Civil War a long, long time ago. Certainly, there are white supremacists, but that small group of individuals is all over the country, and it’s not limited to the South. Most Southerners just want to live their lives and let everyone else do the same.

Lighten up, y’all.


Students Love Socialism, Whatever That Is…

Campus Reform interviewed some college students about Socialism. According to these students, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. The only thing is, they don’t know what Socialism means. See the clip.


Socialism has caused problems everywhere it has been tried. It is currently ruining Venezuela. It has also ruined every Communist country (since Communism is Socialist at heart). It has a very well-known history of causing economic misery. Socialism promises to help everyone but only succeeds in making all but the elite miserable.

So it’s not hidden information. But these students have not taken the time to find out the truth. All they know is that it sounds cool. They have heard their friends talking about Socialism and decided it was okay. And their friends heard it from somewhere. And so on.

This happens all the time in society. We get our worldview from our friends. Many of us don’t really examine beliefs and select what is the right one. Instead, we just adopt the views of those around us, often without any skepticism.

But it takes maturity to actually question what we believe and learn what works in the real world.