New Christopher Nolan WWII Movie ‘Dunkirk’ Portrays White People as White, Runs Afoul of Diversity Police | Heat Street

Because only black people do anything interesting…

Blog: Why clapping is now deemed offensive

I truly believe there are people who sit around in a basement to make these things up. In their minds, it is offensive, even though probably no one has ever complained.

Clemson ‘Diversity’ Training: Time Is Culturally Relative, Expecting Promptness Is Racist

And cultural news today, it is been determined that time itself is a racist concept. Because of this revelation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are now declaring that the IRS’s deadline for sending in taxes is racist. The IRS, not wanting to run afoul of political correctness, immediately said that is perfectly fine for people to send in their taxes “whenever they feel like it.”

The Federal election commission has also issued a statement saying that the November election deadline was “just a joke “. ” If you haven’t voted yet, please feel free to do so “.

Starbucks stores across the fruited plain are also scrambling to respond. Their chief diversity officer yesterday announced that store hours being currently posted on storefronts will be changed. Starting time is now “whatever “, and closing time is “something something”. Employees who forget what day it is and forget to show up for work will no longer be penalized.

All of this information was verified by a reliable fake news site.

Beloit Student Faked Vile Muslim Hate Crime For Attention

They seem to be occurring with regularity. Perpetually offended create their own hate crimes and accuse others. There simply aren’t enough hate crimes , so they make them up.

As I’ve noted before , when you have to manufacture your reality then you end up creating your enemies.