What will happen when states begin to produce too much renewable energy?

For those of you who are unaware of the effects of renewable energy, this story talks about something that actually has happened in California. It doesn’t matter if you are a climate alarmist for climate skeptic, this story is important because it will affect our thinking about renewable energy for a long time. I typically don’t post articles about climate change, but this definitely will affect worldviews. 

 California is heavily invested in renewable energy. So much so, that they sometimes produce too much energy. Traditional energy sources such as coal or natural gas produce a steady stream of constant energy. Renewable energy fluctuates and goes up and down over time. Many people want to let the renewables generate as much energy as possible, but it is difficult to predict when that will happen. And it is difficult to scale up or scale back traditional energy sources. It is difficult to get them started or bring them down quickly. As a result, renewables will often either overproduce or underproduce. 

 If you overproduced energy, you could be in danger of damaging your electrical infrastructure. So some utilities will try to send the energy to other states. That is what California did several times early in 2017. They ended up sending their extra electricity to the state of Arizona. They actually had to pay Arizona to take it during that time. 

 Again, I’m not trying to make a case for or against renewable energy. These are simply the facts. So how does this affect our thinking ? 

 If you are in a state like Arizona, you are probably glad to get this very cheap energy from another state. You could obtain that without even having to invest in any renewable infrastructure. Plus, you’re getting green energy , and you’re getting it very cheaply. Some states may actually make this part of their energy plan. They would simply count on other states like California providing them with green energy without having to pay for themselves. 

 Then what will happen to states like California? Will they feel cheated? Will they eventually demand that renewable energy be scaled-back? 

 It’s probably too early to tell what will happen. The renewable energy infrastructure most states is still being ramped up. Most people are unaware that this type of scenario is not just possible but probable. 


Tiny hairs enable bumblebees to detect electrical fields: study finds

This is great evidence for intelligent design, so why no reference to it? At least they did not attempt to attribute this to evolution. How could evolution account for thousands of tiny hairs all over a bee’s body work together with motion sensors to help direct the bee? Had to be designed that way.


Cohabitation hurts children

Every so often, I walk behind the buildings of mainstream media and look into their bands that are marked “Don’t print this”. It consists of news items that the news organizations have determined should not be news. That’s when I came across this item.

Cohabitation is pretty prevalent. It is risen dramatically in our culture. If you watch movies and TV, you would think that that’s just a normal part of dating. And Hollywood , which says it’s not responsible for trying to promote violence, drugs, or sex outside of marriage, says it would never do anything to undermine the concept of marriage.

And they also have some swamp land to sell you.

So there are lots of thoughts about cohabitation out there. It is typically presented as something that has absolutely no consequence. This study indicates that cohabitating couples split up more often. No surprise there. But the biggest negative impact is on children. They are much more likely to be the subject of abuse. It affects them in a number of negative ways.

So if you want children that are healthy in every way, you should seek out relationships with people who actually value marriage. And, of course, you want to avoid pregnancy before marriage.

Gee! I wonder why they didn’t want to print that?


MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Pig embryo hosts human cells | Fox News

I understand why this is being considered, and I know that it is intended to help save human lives. But it’s the stuff out of science-fiction horror novels.

What could go wrong?

How about a complete loss of the distinction between human life and animal life? Once we begin mixing the growth of human tissue with animal tissue, we begin to change the actual nature of that creature. At what point do something like this become human? Or semihuman?

If our worldview is based on a Darwinist view of nature, then there’s nothing to see here. But if human beings are something different from animals, and this is very troubling indeed.


Danish Think Tank: $9B Cloud Project Could Prevent All 21st Century Global Warming

What a fascinating idea! Create mega clouds that cover most of the earth to cool it. What could possibly go wrong?


What is true about coral reefs?

I have to admit that I don’t really want to spend much time looking at the science of climate change. However, I feel that I have to because of the ramifications to how people perceive truth in our society. Science has always been about allowing contrasting data and theories to compete with one another. Today, however, science has become highly politicized for a variety of reasons. So I feel compelled to look at the science and make decisions for myself.

By the way, claims about what is true or false should always be considered in light of the evidence. Science is similar.

This is an interesting paper that talks about the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs. It appears that they are much more resilient than was previously thought.