Hamas rioter: group tricks women, children to enter line of fire

What is the mindset of those who deliberately want to put women and children into harm’s way. No matter what religion you belong to, it’s never right to put innocent lives at risk.



Ohio State shooter rants against critics of Islam, then gives those critics more reason to be critical

The Ohio State shooter posted a Facebook rant just before going on his destructive spree. That post railed against any criticism or persecution of Islam. But then, he goes on a killing spree as part of his revenge.

It is tragic but also ironic that he did not see that his actions themselves bring more reason to be critical of fundamentalist Muslims. By violently lashing out at innocent people, he himself was giving more reason for us to wonder whether committed adherents of Islam are compatible with a free society.

The reason he did this is because Islam gives no other course of action other than violence. The worldview of Islam is strident and vengeful of critics. There are many moderate Muslims who are not strident and vengeful. That is because they have a modified worldview. They have modified their worldview because they don’t want to live in constant turmoil with non-Muslims. In contrast, originalist Muslims follow very closely the fierce adherence shown in the Koran. The strictly chronic view of Islam gives little reason to be forgiving. The perpetually offended will be angry at these words of mine, but they are not meant to be inflammatory. They are merely intended to show the contrast of worldviews.

The Christian worldview however makes great allowance for forgiveness. In fact, it promotes forgiveness for those who have offended and even killed them. This is why you rarely see modern Christians, who are often persecuted and killed in other countries, lashing out at their persecutors. Originalists of the Christian Bible seek peace, not vengeance.

Two different worldviews, two different approaches to conflict.


Suppression of free speech through intimidation

In the new siding below, a French publisher does not want to publish a book critical of Islam simply because it might endanger the offices and the people who work there. It’s certainly understandable , since we have seen Muslim attacks on even people trying to draw Mohammed. We are well aware of how much people do not want to cause an attack on themselves because they are critical of radical Islam.

In United States, we have fought hard for free-speech rights. It’s something we have been proud of for a long time. There are indeed people in our country who avoid criticizing Islam for the same reasons as the French publishers. We don’t like intimidation, and have often fought back.

Interestingly enough, that is changing in the US. There are groups that are finding that they can intimidate their opponents into silence. It has happened already with the LGBT community. They often try to shut down any one or any group who tries to express an opinion that perhaps homosexuality is wrong or improper. They often bring boycotts protests and even violence. It is almost impossible to get a counseling degree at a public university these days if you believe homosexuality is wrong.

Black lives matter also attempts to shut down anyone in the black community that doesn’t agree with him. Anyone who dissents from their views on a college campus is often ostracized and threatened with expulsion.

And, of course, there’s climate change. There have been many voices within that community that want to outlaw any skepticism of climate change.

Many who believe they are on the right side of history at this time should allow for skepticism. Anyone on the side of truth should not be afraid of a few questions.


Terrorists Filmed Beheading Of Priest, Performed A ‘Sort Of Sermon’ Around Altar In Arabic, Also Attacked Nun Who Is Now Fighting For Her Life | Weasel Zippers

Yet another courageous act of Islam, attacking weak and defenseless people minding their own business.


Mother and three daughters stabbed in French resort ‘for being scantily dressed’

How courageous to stab some defenseless girls and their mother, then run away. The Muslim world should be proud.


Lebanese extremist butchers wife for refusing to carry out a suicide attack

In the minds of Muslim extremists, killing innocent, defenseless people in a suicide attack is the highest goal, and you can carry out any atrocity in order to support that goal. This man had a happy family, and he turned it into a house of horrors to support his murderous ways.


Expert: 10% of Palestinian Authority Budget Paid to Families of Jailed and ‘Martyred’ Terrorists

Paying people to carry out terrorist attacks is nothing new. The Palestinian government has paid their people for quite some time. Saddam Hussein used to provide money to Palestinian suicide bombers. So what goes on in the minds of people who know that they could get rewarded?

As you read the article, you will see that people are paid differing amounts based on the severity of what you do. The families of attackers were killed or paid quite a bit. Those who do nonlethal attacks are paid less. Those who are jailed or paid less. However, getting jailed for a period of time appears to qualify you for a job in the government.

It’s tragic that the Palestinian government seems to use people in this way they are giving them financial incentives to do things that they may not want to do otherwise. With few jobs available in Palestinian areas, this may be the only way out for many people.

Desperate people will do desperate things. For many, this may change them to think in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise.