Tiny hairs enable bumblebees to detect electrical fields: study finds

This is great evidence for intelligent design, so why no reference to it? At least they did not attempt to attribute this to evolution. How could evolution account for thousands of tiny hairs all over a bee’s body work together with motion sensors to help direct the bee? Had to be designed that way.



A complete list of all the things caused by Climate Change. I wonder if it includes anything I could get a tax deduction for?


Is National Geographic Complicit in a Form of Child Abuse? | The Stream

Science has shown that the great majority of those who have transgender tendencies as a child do not continue to do so as adults. So when National Geographic or any other organization encourages this type of behavior, isn’t it a form of child abuse? They are trying to reinforce behavior that may go away by itself. By making a celebrity of such a child, we are hurting them, indirectly forcing them to continue what they’re doing.

LGBT activists are so extreme in their promotion of this worldview and lifestyle that they ignore the fact that there are real people who are confused , hurting, and are hurt when they make irreversible transitions. Yet the LGBT activists continue to use intimidation to try to silence any opposition.


Scientists Confirm: Darwinism Is Broken

Intelligent design has proposed problems concerning the theory of evolution. They’ve done this for several decades. Evolutionists have known about these problems , and typically refute them without much evidence. It is interesting that such a prestigious meeting as this would actually admit that these problems persist. Most of these problems have to do with complex forms. How did life which is complex in itself, even begin? How can any life transition from one complex form to another complex form? And how could any of this have been done in such a short time?


Feathered dinosaur tail fragment trapped in amber amazes scientists

Fascinating. Feathers attached to vertebra. This will certainly cause evolutionists to pursue the avian evolution theory for quite some time. However, it remains to be seen whether this is just a juvenile vestige that is lost in adulthood or something else. The fact that these feathers appear to be quite different from avian feathers may indicate that these are very different types of structures. Time will tell.


Pew: Only 27% of Americans Believe There is Consensus That Human Activity Causes Climate Change

Whether you believe in human caused climate change or not, this is interesting, because apparently most of the public are not convinced about climate change. Also it seems to saturate the media, the general public is unmoved. Of course, the public’s acceptance of climate change has nothing to do with whether or not it is true.