To Spite Their Face

I remember a very sad story from when I was a 5-year-old. It was Halloween, and I was wearing my new, but beloved, Superman costume. This is very long ago when every kid’s costume was extremely thin material. I fell on the street and went down on my knees. It ended up tearing my costume. I felt humilitated. Here was the Man Of Steel with torn, bloody knees. It betrayed everything I aspired to in that costume. I could not be consoled, and instead just got angry. I would yell and tease the other kids in my group. This only made things worse, since the adults wouldn’t let me go to the doorsteps to collect my goodies as we went down the block. Instead of simply accepting the fact that my costume was a little damaged and going ahead with Halloween, I just made things worse. I never did get any additional candy that night.

That was a childhood error that fixed itself as I grew. Each time I got angry, I realized I could make my situation worse very easily by just giving into my anger. Although I’m definitely not perfect, I’ve learned how to respond with grace when things don’t go my way. My Christianity has taught me that. Jesus responded with grace when he was surrounded with those who wanted to take his life.

But not all actually accept this as part of their worldview. There are worldviews that simply pile anger upon anger. There is never any peace, but just retribution. There is never forgiveness, but just old, crusty bitterness. That was evidence recently in Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip.

Several weeks ago, Hamas began a protest against Israel, telling thousands of Gazans that they needed to try to breach the border with Israel and occupy parts of the country. They described this as a peaceful march, as if no one had ever read about Hamas protests of the past. Israel held them in check, killing and wounding many of the protesters.

As with many of prior protests, Hamas had two directions they could go in. They could simply stop, realize nothing would come of such violence, live at peace with Israel, and build up their culture and economy. Or they could just double down on their anger and keep protesting. As is typical of their worldview, they chose the latter.

But they did so in a way that just made things even worse for themselves. First, they declined Israel’s offer of humanitarian medical aid for the protesters. This was greatly needed, since many protesters had been wounded.

And second, they started firing rockets into southern Israel, but they did so recklessly. When I say “recklessly”, I mean “stupidly”, because they damaged the electrical infrastructure that brought electricity into Gaza. This means much of Gaza ended up without electricity.

I wonder when the inhabitants of Gaza, or the leadership for that matter, will begin to realize that cutting your nose off to spite your face is not a good national policy. But this would require a change in worldview, from unrelenting anger to a worldview where true forgiveness is possible, or even loving one’s enemies.

What a novel idea.


Hamas rioter: group tricks women, children to enter line of fire

What is the mindset of those who deliberately want to put women and children into harm’s way. No matter what religion you belong to, it’s never right to put innocent lives at risk.


Katy Perry SEAL Smackdown: A turning point on celebrity blather?

Katy Perry said some stupid things this week about how loving everyone will stop Islamic terrorists in their tracks. This Navy Seal has a great comeback for that.

But beyond that it makes you wonder Why such things are even said in the first place. After all, we know that the Navy SEALs comment is more true than Katy Perry’s comment.

I believe it is because, in some questions, there is great peer pressure to conform. It seems to be very prominent in Hollywood. The fanbase seems to be extremely liberal, so the actors and actresses want to appease their fans. They know that if they speak differently on this topic , they will be ostracized. That doesn’t make it right, but it does make me wonder if they believe the kinds of things that they say to the public.

Muslim converts breathe new life into Europe’s struggling Christian churches

This is been happening for the past few years in Europe. As indicated in the article, at least some are doing this because they believe in the tenets of Christianity. This is obviously a huge worldview change for those converts.

Comparing violence in religions

There is a belief going around that Islam is no more violent than any other religion. Let’s see how they compare. After all, this blog is about worldviews.

Let’s compare Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. We will compare them according to their sacred Scriptures and their actual practices. Judaism contains many verses that are violent. Those led to violent practices in ancient times. However, those verses were intended for a theocracy which no longer exists. In modern times, Jews do not carry out violent practices. Rabbis in your average Jewish synagogue are telling people how to live, not that they need to be violent against nonbelievers.

Christianity really never had any violent scriptures. In the New Testament, Christians were encouraged to turn the other cheek. They were encouraged to be submissive to ruling authorities. They allowed force to be used by ruling authorities. The words of the New Testament never told Christians to overthrow nations and take over land. When nations and kingdoms began to adopt Christianity as their official religion, some violent practices did result. The New Testament Scriptures never provide any guidance for running a country, or fighting wars.  As a result, some violence did occur in the name of Christianity. However, the dust of that settled centuries ago. Your average Baptist, Presbyterian, Amish, or Catholic are not  violent toward nonbelievers. Instead, they attempt to do good works toward those who don’t believe.

Islam however has always had violence throughout its scriptures. Mohammad engaged in warfare throughout the Koran. Koranic scriptures encourage violence toward anyone who resists Islam, even other Muslims. Their early practices were widely violent. Islam spread for hundreds of years primarily through violence. Today, violence is still carried out as nations or cities fall to Muslim insurgents. They use violence to enforce sharia, and those who turn from Islam are often threatened with death.

So it is disingenuous to say that Islam is not more violent than other religions. And ignoring that fact, and propagating it, is harmful. Instead, we should be encouraging Islam to mature in the same way that Judaism and Christianity have matured. We need to put away violent things of the past and see what each religion can do toward encouraging the growth of our culture.

Democrat Sen. Murphy Explains How ‘Absolutely No Screening’ Could Make America Safer

Regardless of where you are on Trump’s recent executive order on immigration, it’s important to have a well-thought-out explanation of your position. Politicians especially should have a well-thought-out position. Here, Senator Murphy from Connecticut explains his stance in opposition.

Notice that he is for having no screening whatsoever for the United States. How would that prevent terrorism? He has two points. First, he says that because most Muslim terrorists come through Europe, then Europe should do the vetting . Then we won’t have to. That’s not an absence of screening. It’s just moving it over to the Europeans. And it ignores the fact that terrorists could just as easily come through other countries.

The second point is that he says once terrorists get to the United States, then we should prevent them from getting an assault weapon. So he’s perfectly okay with them making it to American soil, but he simply doesn’t want them to have an assault weapons. Pistols are fine. Machetes are fine. Explosives are fine. But not assault weapons.

A prime example of how not to think.

Women’s March National Co-Chair: Sharia Law is ‘Reasonable’ ,’ Misunderstood’

The alliance between feminists and Muslims has always been quirky. Here, a Muslim cochair of the women’s march advocates sharia law. We all know that the vast majority of the women at that March would oppose sharia law. So what gives?

Sharia law does not work well with other worldviews. It is an attempt to silence all other viewpoints then Islam. Those who promote tolerance and place Coexist bumper stickers on their cars would find them silenced in a sharia society.