It’s All Over For UK Science: University Professors Afraid To Teach Controversial Subjects For Fear Of Being Sacked | Watts Up With That?

There’s a great deal of fear going around these days if you do something that is either considered politically incorrect or against what liberal minded groups want. The LGBT crowd has been doing this for quite some time, which is why they exert such a strong influence despite their very small numbers. Those promoting climate change also have been successful for the same reason. 

 There seems to be a great impatience with trying to use reason and logic in arguing one’s point in winning over those who oppose you. It’s astounding that students are now able to force professors to be afraid to teach something they don’t like. 

 Eventually, truth always wins out . This is what happened to communism even after decades of an educational system in countries that denounced capitalism. But when truth is not allowed to speak, great damage is done until it finds its voice.


Mark Zuckerberg calls for universal basic income at Harvard speech

The concept of a guaranteed income has been around for a while. The Swiss  considered it. The Finns tried it in small measure. The Communists abandoned it. It never worked, but apparently there are people who want to see it working a capitalist context. What evidence is there that it will work this time?

Soderbergh seems to believe that people have a guaranteed income, they would be willing to take risks to try new business ideas. Some may do so. Some may simply game the system. And others might simply continue to seek after losing ventures. After all, there would be little risk in failure.

Now that we are establishing healthcare as a universal right, as wrong is that may be, here are now ideas of how to establish other lights , such as guaranteed income.

Katy Perry SEAL Smackdown: A turning point on celebrity blather?

Katy Perry said some stupid things this week about how loving everyone will stop Islamic terrorists in their tracks. This Navy Seal has a great comeback for that.

But beyond that it makes you wonder Why such things are even said in the first place. After all, we know that the Navy SEALs comment is more true than Katy Perry’s comment.

I believe it is because, in some questions, there is great peer pressure to conform. It seems to be very prominent in Hollywood. The fanbase seems to be extremely liberal, so the actors and actresses want to appease their fans. They know that if they speak differently on this topic , they will be ostracized. That doesn’t make it right, but it does make me wonder if they believe the kinds of things that they say to the public.

Comparing violence in religions

There is a belief going around that Islam is no more violent than any other religion. Let’s see how they compare. After all, this blog is about worldviews.

Let’s compare Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. We will compare them according to their sacred Scriptures and their actual practices. Judaism contains many verses that are violent. Those led to violent practices in ancient times. However, those verses were intended for a theocracy which no longer exists. In modern times, Jews do not carry out violent practices. Rabbis in your average Jewish synagogue are telling people how to live, not that they need to be violent against nonbelievers.

Christianity really never had any violent scriptures. In the New Testament, Christians were encouraged to turn the other cheek. They were encouraged to be submissive to ruling authorities. They allowed force to be used by ruling authorities. The words of the New Testament never told Christians to overthrow nations and take over land. When nations and kingdoms began to adopt Christianity as their official religion, some violent practices did result. The New Testament Scriptures never provide any guidance for running a country, or fighting wars.  As a result, some violence did occur in the name of Christianity. However, the dust of that settled centuries ago. Your average Baptist, Presbyterian, Amish, or Catholic are not  violent toward nonbelievers. Instead, they attempt to do good works toward those who don’t believe.

Islam however has always had violence throughout its scriptures. Mohammad engaged in warfare throughout the Koran. Koranic scriptures encourage violence toward anyone who resists Islam, even other Muslims. Their early practices were widely violent. Islam spread for hundreds of years primarily through violence. Today, violence is still carried out as nations or cities fall to Muslim insurgents. They use violence to enforce sharia, and those who turn from Islam are often threatened with death.

So it is disingenuous to say that Islam is not more violent than other religions. And ignoring that fact, and propagating it, is harmful. Instead, we should be encouraging Islam to mature in the same way that Judaism and Christianity have matured. We need to put away violent things of the past and see what each religion can do toward encouraging the growth of our culture.

Book publishers now hiring ‘sensitivity readers’ to look for ‘offensive’ material – The College Fix

I wonder if they give the microscope to look for micro aggressions?

I find it very interesting that they have always decried censorship whenever Christians or other religious groups would object to certain types of content. Now, they seem to feel that it’s good to make sure they aren’t offending certain groups. Hey, how about you simply not being offensive at all?

Next, they’re going to give them the Princess and the Pea test.

Over-the-top hyperbole

It’s always interesting when people are trying to criticize something and want to emphasize how bad it is. We tend to reach for strong language. But often it’s completely inappropriate. For instance, we sometimes call people Nazis, when there is often very little resemblance. I think this guy when over-the-top too.

President of university founded by Jefferson asked to not quote Jefferson

Traditionally in this country there has been a lot of reference to our forefathers and the wisdom that they brought in creating this country.

There is a new trend today to question those forefathers and therefore their wisdom. Here, both students and faculty among the perpetually offended at the University of Virginia are protesting the use of Thomas Jefferson’s words. It is not whether those words are good words. Because they believe Jefferson to be a fatally flawed man, they want to reject him completely.

It is certainly a good thing to look into history and repudiate those things that are wrong. Nevertheless, there is plenty of wisdom to be found in people who are flawed.