Clinton Health Initiative Spent Only a Fraction of Expenditures Directly on Programs

We have all heard about the Clinton Foundation, which includes the Clinton Health Initiative. The CHI was supposed to help treat HIV/AIDS, and raised $129M. Unfortunately, only $23M actually went to treat people. A whopping $72M went toward “salaries”. 

So, let’s go beyond politics and outrage. What was in the mind of those who oversaw all of this? You would have to have a pretty seared conscience to let this happen. You would have to accept that lining people’s pockets was worth more than actually treating them. 

Then there are the donors. Without a large outcry from donors, it would seem that most of all were okay with how the money was spent. They must have known it wasn’t going to be used to treat people, but enrich people.

There are the HIV/AIDS activists. You would think they would be angry, but I haven’t heard of any outcry. Were they okay with this? 

What about the people who received this as their “salary”? Presumably this included lots of people working at the Clinton Foundation.  How do they live with themselves?

The sad thing is that so many people were okay with this. Is the American society really that corrupt?



Are you sure this is fake news?

We have all heard about the idea of”fake news”. News. Many times, however, it seems to be nothing more than someone claiming that a specific news item has inaccuracies. Or sometimes, It’s just that people don’t like what the news story says.

Yesterday, I read a news story about the secret service not having enough money to pay its people because the agents had too many people to guard and too many events they had to attend. I noted it with interest, but didn’t think much more about it after reading it.

It turned out to be a story that was unsubstantiated by the media. Standard journalism involves collecting information from multiple sources and verifying them for accuracy. Just because one person says something doesn’t actually make it true. It’s important to verify with multiple sources. 

This is not the first time I’ve run into this. It appears that the media is sometimes abandoning journalistic principles simply to get a news story. In this case, It was just information fed from one source. It’s distressing to know that we have to do a better job individually of looking at news and judging whether it is true or not. This should not be the case, but it’s the state of things right now.


Do we all need to be constantly enraged?

The white supremacist rally in Charlottesville certainly enraged much of our population. There were violent acts, many people were wounded, and one person was killed. As a nation, we should be coming together and uniting over opposition to any racial supremacy groups. After all, white supremacist groups are fairly small. They don’t represent either the left or the right. However, there seems to be a great need to yell at each other and get angry at each other over this incident. 

As the article below indicates, it seems like we have a constant need within our country to be enraged. New sites are now focused on whatever they can do to enrage one group against another. It’s not necessarily about coming to a common understanding, but simply being mad at one another. 

 Yes, Americans need to oppose white supremacy. But both the left and the right already do that. This blog is all about trying to get people to look past the outrage of the news and think about what is actually happening. And it’s an examination of how we think. 

White supremacists want to fuse and unite their worldview to those of a conservative worldview. This really can’t be done. The conservative worldview is very much based on Western Christian principles. At the heart of that is to love our neighbor as ourselves. That cannot be done if you cannot love a neighbor who is different from you. I know a wonderful lady who is a solid Christian and lived next-door to a homosexual couple. She really had nothing in common with them, but every Christmas, she would take them a loaf of cinnamon bread that she baked herself. Of course, not all those who subscribe to a conservative worldview live by its principles. But most do.

 Instead of getting up every morning and looking for something to be angry at in the news, it is time to think about what we believe and what others believe. It’s time to stop calling the other side crazy , and actually listen to their views. We can debate one another and refute one another, yet still show respect for one another.

A Disturbing Story for Those Who Regularly Look for News

As a youth , I was pretty naïve and had little discernment about the things that people claimed were true. I learned a great deal from that, and have worked hard to teach others to examine whether their beliefs are, in fact, true.

Some people lack a skepticism gene.

This article lends credence to the need to check to make sure you have reliable sources when you get something from the Internet.

Tomi Lahren Tells Playboy She’s Both Anti-Abortion And Pro-Choice

These days, many people are conflicted about abortion because pro-lifers have done a good job of underlining the fact that it’s a human life. And so people who are in favor of abortion as a birth control method struggle with the whole topic of abortion. Many times, I have heard this same mantra, that, while I would not have an abortion, I wouldn’t rule it out for someone else. This is nothing more than an illogical attempt to to ignore the fact that human life is involved. If having an abortion has no more moral significance then going to the bathroom, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if a human life is on the line, it has grave moral consequences.

The X news anchor on the blaze Tommy Lauren gives an interview here where she talks about her views on abortion. She was fired for having views that were in favor of abortion. Notice the muddled thinking. This often happens to many people in their 20s who have not yet formed a full ethical and moral view of the world. Notice how her arguments go all over the place. Also, notice how she never actually deals with the fact that there is a human life involved.

The pro-life movement has had to deal with this mentality for a long time. Many times, people want to take a middle position between being pro-life and pro-abortion. But there is no middle position.

I especially like the fact that she says she wants to make abortion safe for both the mother and baby. Abortion is never safe for the baby.

Clemson ‘Diversity’ Training: Time Is Culturally Relative, Expecting Promptness Is Racist

And cultural news today, it is been determined that time itself is a racist concept. Because of this revelation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are now declaring that the IRS’s deadline for sending in taxes is racist. The IRS, not wanting to run afoul of political correctness, immediately said that is perfectly fine for people to send in their taxes “whenever they feel like it.”

The Federal election commission has also issued a statement saying that the November election deadline was “just a joke “. ” If you haven’t voted yet, please feel free to do so “.

Starbucks stores across the fruited plain are also scrambling to respond. Their chief diversity officer yesterday announced that store hours being currently posted on storefronts will be changed. Starting time is now “whatever “, and closing time is “something something”. Employees who forget what day it is and forget to show up for work will no longer be penalized.

All of this information was verified by a reliable fake news site.