Why No One Remains Just a Naturalist

Naturalism is difficult to stay with as a worldview. It focuses on the natural world as the beginning and end of everything. It leaves us with nothing to look forward to. We are the product of natural forces. Whatever we do in this life will only affect this life and will one day be remembered no more. If we are good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

Because of that, most people cannot stay with a simply Naturalistic worldview. There is another shoe to drop. If everything in the universe is just material things, then how do we react to this?

We can react negatively or positively. A negative reaction will lead us to the worldview of Nihilism, because nothing really matters.

We want this life to matter for something. Life isn’t just something that happens without consequence. There is a great need in all of us to ensure that our life matters. Our lives are not insignificant, so we look at what that significance might be. The most likely positive reactions are the following worldviews:

  • Secular Humanism – Celebrating every person as special
  • Marxism – The state is what matters, not individuals (tbd)
  • Post-Modernism – We make up our own meaning for existence (tbd)

But the best reaction to Naturalism is simply to realize there has to be something else in this life besides just the physical universe. That would lead us to Christianity.