Worldview: Secular Humanism

“You are So Special”

Secular humanism is very close to Naturalism, because it starts with the assumption that the universe is composed only of matter, nothing more. However, instead of focusing on the limitations and natural corruption of the physical world, secular humanism focuses on the worth of man. It puts man at the highest place in the universe and encourages each of us to live to our fullest potential.

Here is Secular Humanism in a nutshell:

Mankind is the highest order of the universe. The meaning of life is to allow individuals to live their lives to their fullest potential. To reach that potential, we must all be allowed individual autonomy so we can set our own goals and pursue our own path. Anything that hinders that path must be removed so we can reach our highest goals.

Everyone must learn to believe in themselves. We have to always believe that we are special, that we are stars in the universe. No one can tell us we are anything less than stellar.

We set our own meaning for “right” and “wrong”, and we oppose anything that contradicts with our view of morality, including anyone who has a standard view of morality. Those people are “intolerant” and must be removed.

In addition, all inequality between people must be resolved by giving advantage to the poor and taking advantages away from the rich. Because of this, inequalities between nations must also be resolved by taking wealth from rich nations and giving it to poor nations. The playing field must be leveled.

Secular Humanism is very popular in the United States because it aligns with our sense of individual autonomy. It also fits with the increasing secularism of society. And it gives a sense of purpose of to everyone. Practically every child is taught to believe in themselves by schools and Disney movies.

Secular Humanism attempts to make the world a better place by making everyone feel special. Unfortunately, Secular Humanism has its drawbacks because it is unrealistic. It may be cute to tell every child that they are special when they are young, but as they grow older, they realize that others are often more special than they are. Parents can only build up a child so much before harsh reality shows them that not every person can score a soccer goal, not everyone can make an A in every class, and not everyone can get a high-paying job.

Christian Humanism is different from Secular Humanism because it starts with the basic Christian Theism worldview, but it tries to make the world a better place by extending God’s mercy, forgiveness, and generosity to everyone. Many Christians would say that Christian Theism is the same as Christian Humanism.