More About the Adverse Effects of Marijuana

In the 60’s and 70’s, America began experimenting with marijuana. The story at the time was that cannabis does nothing more than get you high, make you mellow, and give you a craving for munchies and sex. That was then.

Moving forward in time a few decades, and we find people pushing marijuana to become legalized. First, they convinced many that it was important medically, but it turns out that there is little scientific evidence that it helps either chronic pain or PTSD.  The U.S. government says there is no accepted medical use for marijuana.

Not only that, but there is evidence is actually causes harm:

  • Impairs short term memory and judgment
  • Distorts perception
  • Negatively affects teen cognitive
  • Addictive

Marijuana is also associated with:

Now, we have discovered that smoking marijuana makes people more violent.

Since this blog is about how people think, we can clearly see that marijuana is harming how people think. So why did we want to legalize marijuana again?

Of course, it’s because we just wanted another way to get high. Legally. Forget about whether it actually is good for us.




Another Charlottesville Rally Without Antifa

We just had a third rally of white supremacists and others who were trying to keep the Confederate statues there from being torn down. This time, there was no counter-protest, no Antifa, and no violence. It makes you wonder what all the fuss was about the first time that led to violence and one death. Were the people who were who angry about this the first time still actually angry? But if no one showed up to counter-protest, how much conviction was there before? 

I’m not questioning whether there were racists involved in the first protest. They may have even been in this 3rd protest. But why no response if it was so important the first time? 

If a protest sign falls in a forest, but there was no news crew to film it, was there even a sound? 

Maybe protesting legally and nonviolently would have been better all along. After all, we do have the Constitutional right of peaceful assembly.

Shoelace mistaken for noose causes racial uproar at Michigan State University | Fox News

What’s amazing is that this sort of thing happens so often to the Perpetually Offended. It doesn’t even look like a noose. Clear thinking individuals will look for the most likely explanation first, as in, “You know, Eileen, I think that’s just a shoe lace some body dropped.” 

 Instead, the Perpetually Offended train themselves to look for offenses, even if they are imaginary ones.

And the university administration is so afraid of a riot that they  kowtow to this.

Where are the mature heads who will speak truth in the situation?