Top Psychologist Says the Whole Concept of Microaggressions Isn’t Supported by Science |Heat Street

Great quote: “it’s entirely possible people who suffer from microaggressions have a propensity for being offended.”

Aka the Perpetually Offended…


Women Kicked Out of Women’s Shelter to Make Room for a ‘Transgender’ Man

I can just imagine a weight loss program for the perpetually offended. “Visualize yourself skinnier. Don’t pay attention to that sexist scale. Fight back against oppression and have another cookie.”

Emotional Labor

Apparently emotional labor is the energy you have to expand because you are defending yourself for micro aggressions. Be sure to read the entire article.

The Perpetually Offended have to come up with new terminology all the time. They’re constantly trying to invent reality by giving labels to things that reflect their view of the universe. This is a constant theme throughout the perpetually offended. There is a need to not only invent a new reality, but also apply labels to things they like or don’t like. That’s why we have the term micro aggressions. It is something that he perpetually offended can always pull out of a hat whenever they want to claim that they have been offended. There are no real rules for what is a micro aggression. It appears that anyone can label something a micro aggression at any time.

So now we have emotional labor. Very creative. Maybe we should designate a government holiday on Monday and call it Emotional Labor Day.