For Generation Z, ‘Live Chilling’ Replaces Hanging Out in Person

It’s nice to have something non-polarizing to talk about for a change.

Ever since electronic communication began, we have had more and more changes in how we socialize with others. The telephone allowed us to communicate large amounts of information over long distances. It eliminated the need to be physically present when we were communicating with others. Cell phones allowed us to communicate with just about anybody at any time.

The lack of a physical presence definitely has a downside. We often miscommunicate because we cannot read the nonverbal cues. Teens seem to have a greater need to socialize and many of the rest of us. We are opening up more ways to communicate, but that communication is more surface communication. There is less depth to that communication. These new apps reduce even more the need to be physically present. Teams will no longer need to hang out to communicate. We hangout virtually. As these teens age, and teenage behavior becomes adult behavior, will we see less less physical presence and more virtual relationships? That certainly has been going on for a while, but will it accelerate, and is that even a good thing?


California Bans Students From Traveling To ‘Anti-LGBT’ States

This is big. It affects sports in a major way. But it inhibits personal freedoms strongly as well.

University of Washington Writing Guru Declares American Grammar ‘Racist,’ Wants New Rules |Heat Street

I think their competitions on university campuses or professors look for new things to be called racist. This is certainly one of them.

However, I do think the term “grammar Nazi” is interesting one. It encompasses both racism and anti-Semitism.

Many of us have been grammatically challenged. I don’t count myself among those. However, I know that they would love for grammar to be overlooked or ignored. It’s a constant pain for them in writing assignments.

Clear written communication is terribly important. And grammar is a part of that. Badly written military orders send troops to the wrong place and lose battles. Badly written software requirements end up with malfunctioning apps. Badly written legislation ends up defeating the purpose of the legislation.

And we know the grammar saves lives. For instance, the sentences “Let’s eat, Grandma” and “Let’s eat Grandma” can result in two very different endings. For the second grandmothers everywhere, we need grammar Nazis.

Fake News Site Lets Readers Pretend Hillary Won The Election

For a worldview that cannot seem to live with reality, this makes sense.  There should be more of these for every perpetually offended group. There’s probably lots of money to be made here.

We could also have worlds where your preferred team wins the Super Bowl or Elvis never died.

Comparing violence in religions

There is a belief going around that Islam is no more violent than any other religion. Let’s see how they compare. After all, this blog is about worldviews.

Let’s compare Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. We will compare them according to their sacred Scriptures and their actual practices. Judaism contains many verses that are violent. Those led to violent practices in ancient times. However, those verses were intended for a theocracy which no longer exists. In modern times, Jews do not carry out violent practices. Rabbis in your average Jewish synagogue are telling people how to live, not that they need to be violent against nonbelievers.

Christianity really never had any violent scriptures. In the New Testament, Christians were encouraged to turn the other cheek. They were encouraged to be submissive to ruling authorities. They allowed force to be used by ruling authorities. The words of the New Testament never told Christians to overthrow nations and take over land. When nations and kingdoms began to adopt Christianity as their official religion, some violent practices did result. The New Testament Scriptures never provide any guidance for running a country, or fighting wars.  As a result, some violence did occur in the name of Christianity. However, the dust of that settled centuries ago. Your average Baptist, Presbyterian, Amish, or Catholic are not  violent toward nonbelievers. Instead, they attempt to do good works toward those who don’t believe.

Islam however has always had violence throughout its scriptures. Mohammad engaged in warfare throughout the Koran. Koranic scriptures encourage violence toward anyone who resists Islam, even other Muslims. Their early practices were widely violent. Islam spread for hundreds of years primarily through violence. Today, violence is still carried out as nations or cities fall to Muslim insurgents. They use violence to enforce sharia, and those who turn from Islam are often threatened with death.

So it is disingenuous to say that Islam is not more violent than other religions. And ignoring that fact, and propagating it, is harmful. Instead, we should be encouraging Islam to mature in the same way that Judaism and Christianity have matured. We need to put away violent things of the past and see what each religion can do toward encouraging the growth of our culture.

Rep. Speier Floats Idea of Using 25th Amendment to Remove Trump from Office :: Grabien News

Democratic opponents of Trump are searching for anything, anything to remove Trump from office. They still can’t except the fact that he won the presidency. Regardless of your politics, there is a time for excepting reality and having to deal with. Republicans had to deal with the reality of Obama winning. It seems that it’s time for Democrats to do that as well.