Democrat Sen. Murphy Explains How ‘Absolutely No Screening’ Could Make America Safer

Regardless of where you are on Trump’s recent executive order on immigration, it’s important to have a well-thought-out explanation of your position. Politicians especially should have a well-thought-out position. Here, Senator Murphy from Connecticut explains his stance in opposition.

Notice that he is for having no screening whatsoever for the United States. How would that prevent terrorism? He has two points. First, he says that because most Muslim terrorists come through Europe, then Europe should do the vetting . Then we won’t have to. That’s not an absence of screening. It’s just moving it over to the Europeans. And it ignores the fact that terrorists could just as easily come through other countries.

The second point is that he says once terrorists get to the United States, then we should prevent them from getting an assault weapon. So he’s perfectly okay with them making it to American soil, but he simply doesn’t want them to have an assault weapons. Pistols are fine. Machetes are fine. Explosives are fine. But not assault weapons.

A prime example of how not to think.


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