Seattle Wants to Create ‘Safe Spaces’ for People to Take Illegal Drugs

This approach always seems to go with a worldview that believes that anyone who does anything bad is actually a victim. The idea is that, as long as people are going to do this bad thing, let’s keep them safe while they are doing it. The idea is that if no one is getting hurt and the actor is not killing himself, then it’s okay.

After all, who hasn’t been strung out for a few days on an opioid high? Actually, I never have been.

And that is a clash of worldviews. One worldview is that people are basically good and will always do the right thing if you give them that opportunity. Another worldview says that we all do bad things and will continue to do bad things until we one day wake up and decide to do right. The first worldview says that if a person finds a wallet with a lot of cash in it , they will try to return it to its rightful owner. The second worldview says that if someone finds a wallet with cash, they will probably try to keep it for themselves unless something compels them to do the right thing, such as their conscience, believe in God, or the law.

Which one of those works in the real world?


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