Sexual assault street maps popular in Muslim countries

The sexual-harassment these women faced is certainly horrific by Western standards. Rarely, if ever, do things like this happen in our society. I don’t mean to imply that Islam allows this kind of behavior, because it clearly does not. However, what is it about the culture of these countries that allow such things to occur?

No culture is perfect. But it is my opinion that some worldviews have a better method of dealing with human sin and depravity than others. We all do bad things. If we only try to cover up the bad things that we do and only deal with them at a surface level, then those bad things will eventually find a way to get out. But if we actually deal with our motives and our heart and try to deal with our motivation for doing those bad things, it would seem like we would have more success.

Islam, like many religions, include people who want to do the right thing. But does that religion have good tools for helping its believers actually combat sin within them?


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