California Democrats legalize child prostitution 

Is it possible for compassion to go too far? That responsibility may actually be kinder in some situations?!


Obama: “My Understanding Of Race Is … If You’re Perceived To Be Black Then You’re Black”

The liberal worldview loves to perceive new social realities. They have done this for a long time concerning economics. They’ve also done this with religion and gender. Now, they are doing it with race. If you believe that you are another race, then you are.

Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Accused of Racism After Using Black Emojis

Using black emojis is racist? The world of the Perpetually Offended is a minefield to be carefully trod.

San Francisco grapples with growing crime, blight after years of liberal policies

It remains to be seen whether San Francisco will become unlovable, but there is no doubt that a worldview shaped this city. This is a worldview that values getting high and the homeless over those who live by the rules. Yet millions of people still live there.

‘You cannot eat here’: Hawaii café riles residents with ban on Trump voters | Fox News

It’s interesting that a Christian is not allowed to refuse a specific type of service because of a deeply held religious belief, but a Democrat restaurant owner can refuse to serve people who voted a certain way.