Gwen Stefani ‘didn’t want to fail’ at marriage, says divorce is embarrassing

This is an interesting heartfelt discussion from Gwen Stefani concerning her first marriage. There are a few things here to note about how we think.

Although she’s a celebrity, she still experienced deep remorse concerning her divorce. Celebrities are people too. Although there are a few who expect their celebrity marriage to fail at some point, Gwen did not. And there are other celebrities who do not expect their marriage to fail. They suffer the same as the rest of us when divorce happens. Money may help, but it doesn’t erase the pain.

Second, it’s admirable that she worked so hard to keep her marriage together. And one of the primary reasons is because she came from an intact family. She admired the marriage that her parents have. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. If we have good family patterns in our lives, it tends to inspire us in that direction as well. This is why the large number of divorces in our country have tended to perpetuate more divorces. It’s unfortunate that divorce in our country is so easy to come by.

And finally, there’s the plight of the single mom. Stephani has three children, one as young as two. It is too bad that she is taking them with her on tour. That’s not a great environment for young children. Children need regular bedtimes, silly stories at night, and a sense of peace when you go to bed. The good thing is that Stephani is doing her best to include her children and try to have a sense of togetherness. Although this may not be perfect, it may mitigate some of the effects of a concert environment at bedtime. As a woman of means, she probably could have left her children at home for long stretches of time with other people to raise them. But she chose togetherness.


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