No evidence found Muslim child was attacked on Wake County school bus

This was a local news item in wake County, North Carolina . It seems to indicate that a first grader was attacked by other children on the bus for being Muslim. This has been repeated by national and international news sources. The police and school authorities have both investigated and found no evidence of such a beating. If the beating is untrue, which appears to be the case, it is easy to understand the rationale for reporting a fall beating.

Incidents like these get reported by media that are sympathetic to the narrative. In other words, if this story agrees with their worldview, they’re happy to report it. Forget about whether it’s actually true. If the allegations are proven to be untrue, that story is either ignored or buried into a smaller story that is somewhat hidden.

This helps to reinforce stereotypes that may not actually be true. Unfortunately, this is a tactic seen very often with liberals. In some Muslim countries, this is enough to invoke violence against non-Muslims.


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