Hillary Wants to Spend $500 Million Fighting School Bullying

The idea of stopping bullying seems good on the surface. I remember being bullied as a child. It was simply because I was weaker or or glasses or something else. I remember being bullied in high school on the football team because I was a Christian. It was definitely uncomfortable at the time, but I got through it. It would’ve been great to have someone step in at that time. At the time, I definitely wish that someone would have stopped those bullets. However, looking back, I believe I became stronger by simply enduring it and facing it.

It is interesting that Clinton wants a $500 million campaign to stop bullying. I have my own skepticism about whether this is really intended to end all bullying or just some forms of bullying that liberals identify. But let’s get past the politics of this. Is it really good to try to eliminate all bullying? Will are thinking actually change, or will we simply learn to cocoon ourselves?



Judge Rules Against Mother Who Forced Son to Live as a Girl

There are two culprits here. First, there’s the mother. She obviously has some fixation with wanting her son to be a girl. Those of us who believe that we were designed to be a certain gender realize that any pressure to try to change someone in this way is abuse. This mother obviously needs help . And her son will need some help as well.

But the other problem is the authorities . You need to read why they didn’t look into this before. Clearly , this is a case of prejudice against those who have Christian beliefs.


The Growing Reach of the Perpetually Offended

The LGBT crowd has had considerable success in removing some people from their jobs simply because of their traditional Christian views. This article outlines several instances of that. It’s clear that there’s some sort of witchhunt going around and Christians who exercise their First Amendment right are the target.


‘Tolerant’ Pro-Choice Students Vandalize Pro-Life Chalk Messages

It’s unfortunate that those who claim that to be the most tolerant often are anything but. They only see tolerance as a one-way street. Tolerance is supposed to mean listening to others and respecting their viewpoint, even if you disagree with it. Now, tolerance is nothing more than you having to agree with me wholeheartedly. Otherwise, you are filled with hate. And only liberals can be tolerant, even as they rip up the messages of pro-lifers.


Americans Are Dying Faster. Millennials, Too

Wait! I thought Obama care and medical marijuana was supposed to make us healthier . How can this be?

It’s interesting that they cite drug overdoses as one of the leading causes of our decline in longevity. We’ve actually gone backwards in longevity by six months. That’s pretty rare in highly developed country like ours. Could it be that lowering our objections to drugs, marijuana, and alcohol , and making them much more prevalent has actually hurt us?


University of Wisconsin Won’t Denounce Student’s “All White People Are Racist” Hoodies…

Of course! All white people are racist. White people have an inherent privilege and bias that they cannot themselves to text. And no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to get over it. We’ve been told this for years. If that’s true, why even bring it up? There’s not a thing that can be done, according to the perpetually offended.

By the way, if it’s something that you can’t detect, and you can’t even tell that it’s there, isn’t that like cooties in middle school?