Court Judge: ‘No One Should Have’ Guns – ‘Not Police, Not Security’

This is an interesting proposition. Eliminate all guns in America. Not the rest of the world, just America. What could possibly go wrong?


Feds spend $$ studying if college kids eat junk food when they drink

I can see it now. Some graduate students are sitting around the bar and asking each other, “How can we get more research grants?”

“Yeah” , says another, who chuckles, “and maybe it could involve drinking and eating junk food.”

Thus, a research idea was born.

If you bring up ideas like this to someone in research, they will often point why those subjects are good ideas. To the rest of us, it always seems absurd. The magazine first things published an article this last year that showed how social science research results are often difficult to reproduce. Yet, research like this continues to go on. Using our hard-earned tax money.

Michigan student successfully changes preferred pronoun to ‘His Majesty’ on class roster

Excellent. If we are allowed to create our own realities, why not do this? I would change my pronoun to “me”. The whole gender pronoun mess is all about inclusiveness. People select their own pronoun based on who they feel they really are. This creates a dilemma for the university administration. If they don’t allow people to create their own ridiculous pronoun, and they are not being inclusive. And who are they to restrict pronouns to just to set that they create? It’s all part of unicorn reality.

NC Sheriff’s Firearms Training Simulator Deemed Racist Despite 60% Of The “Attackers” Being White, Only 15% Black… | Weasel Zippers

Uh, sure…

YouTube Prankster Attacked For Holding “All Lives Matter” Sign In A Black Neighborhood

This is because too many in the black community follow templates instead of examining things themselves.