A drive to succeed

Regardless of whether you like Tebow or not, you have to admire his enthusiasm. He has lost out on a football career, but he’s turned his attention to baseball. He knows it will be a long haul, but he seems up to it.



Half a million young Italians are about to receive free money to stay away from terrorism

Although I’m not thrilled with a program that may be wasteful, the idea is to get everyone to engage in the artistic culture. The idea of cultural immersion to counter terrorism is not terrible, but we will see if it has an effect.


If diets are better than drugs for good health, should the state subsidize food?

It is absurd, of course, but someone makes that assertion in this article about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet.


The Global Poor Desperately Need a Thing You Can’t Taste or Touch: Property Rights | The Stream

This is something we take for granted in the United States. However, in the developing world, this is not a simple thing. It prevents many people from getting ahead. And it also changes their worldview.


Virginia Tech ‘Intercultural’ Event Separates Different Cultures

I wonder why they don’t have events for left-handers, conspiracy theorists, or Libertarians?

Note to VT: Someone with a red dot probably won’t even show up.

Don’t forget to use your preferred gender pronoun today!