Who’s list of genders is the right one?

In our current world of invented reality, there are different lists of genders that are being passed around. The one below shows New York City’s list of 31 genders . Facebook in United States recently published 51, and later 54, different genders. Of course, you could always select other if none of those work for you. And in the UK, there are 71 different genders.

Male and female  genders are easy to understand. However, it could be listed as cis male and cis female. Now, although I am male, I have never referred to myself as a “cis male”. This is someone else’s term for me. I call myself a male. Do I get to sue someone who refers to me in a way that I don’t consider proper? Almost all of the remaining genders are some version of being between male and female. Come on. We really can’t reduce this to a smaller number?

Am I supposed to have a different gender pronoun for each of these? And why am I restricted to those gender pronouns? Why can’t I select my own? If I am gender fluid, can’t I just change my gender pronoun at will?

This is all silliness . It defies logic, yet we are supposed to take this with other seriousness. Whenever facing someone who believes in this, they cannot understand how anyone could ever ask differently. They find it unconscionable to believe there’s just a male and a female. It is as if we have been using these different genders throughout history, and that it is only now that we are overcoming these prejudices. It is as if, in their own lives, they have always used these many gender references and never referred to simply male and female.

And how do we know that we are done identifying genders? How do we know that the people selecting these lists aren’t prejudiced in some way so that they omit genders that they are unaware of? There are some 20 additional genders in UK Facebook that are not shown in the US Facebook. Am I being enlightened or bigoted when I only use the 31 different gender references in the New York City list?

There are no real answers to this because it is all made up. Obviously, there are people who are confused about their gender and/or their sex, but they don’t have to hoist all of that on the rest of us.

If this madness continues, I want to select “me” as my gender pronoun. It will confuse the heck out of everybody , because they won’t know if they’re referring to myself or not.


Washingtonian Editor: People Shouldn’t Say ‘Start a Family’ Because It’s Offensive

The perpetually offended have found yet another thing to rail against. This time it’s talking about starting a family. I wondered about this during Mother’s Day. When will they start asking and demanding that we have an all-inclusive Mother’s Day ? Why should we let some people feel left out because they aren’t mothers? For that matter, why should we have Father’s Day? Or even a day for parents at all? We should just make it family day. Or perhaps even forget about family. What about those who never really had a family that they wanted to celebrate? Just call it persons day. Or how about those who think that humans dominate the planet? Maybe we shouldn’t celebrate people.

When we refuse to identify the fact that we are different, and that we have differences that are important, we run into these absurdities.


Insane: Santa Monica College Students Married The Ocean—And Got Intimate With It

There was another article I saw recently where a man married a tree. It was another eco-thing. It’s not clear what they’re trying to prove, other than simply drawing attention to their cause. But the whole concept of marrying something that isn’t human is a new phenomenon. Is this nothing more than the news ploy? Or will we be seeing more of this in an actual serious way?


The Insulting Stupidity of #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend And Female James Bond

Social engineering. Disney seems ripe for the taking, since the have given into so many other LGBT demands. But will they be willing to weather the inevitable loss in sales?


Underground stone structures likely built by Neanderthals, scientists say

We’re always hearing about how Neanderthals lasted longer than previously thought, or that they interacted with modern humans, or that Neanderthals were more intelligent than we first thought. Here’s another example of the latter. Instead of assuming that evolution must be true and that Neanderthals were perhaps less intelligent, perhaps we should consider alternatives. Is it possible that they were perhaps as intelligent as us , but were wiped out? Just something to consider.


DNA Can Be Changed by Marijuana?

This research is disturbing. We have seen research during the past few years that marijuana, especially the kind today that has high THC levels, can turn some people psychotic. However, this research claims that our DNA is actually mutated by marijuana. The mutation makes us much more susceptible to illnesses. This can be transmitted to future generations as well.

See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3607444/Smoking-cannabis-ALTERS-DNA-causing-mutations-trigger-illness-including-cancer.html

Actress Who Voiced Elsa in ‘Frozen’ Supports Giving Her a Girlfriend

The social engineering sharks at Disney have been preparing for this for long time. They had the series called modern family on their family channel which had a gay couple. Their ESPN unit recently fired a conservative commentator four speaking in support of bathroom privacy laws. They recently declared their intention to boycott Georgia when their legislature passed a religious freedom bill. At some point they’re going to introduce homosexuality to children in their films. The question is whether parents will give them to Disney simply because they love Disney, or will they actually turn away from them to entertainment companies that actually support their values.


The human cost of cheap highs: a journey into Britain’s most addicted city

In the UK, there are certain legal drugs providing an bigger high than the illegal ones. Efforts to make them illegal have backfired. Are we creating an environment in some parts of the US that can never get free of this?


In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal and Human

This is not some kind of bizarre science fiction. This is actual scientific research that is going on.

What would go on in the minds of people who would even begin this? You need to read the entire article. They don’t even know what will happen. They’re just simply trying it out.

Science Institute’s sometimes bring in ethicists to determine if a certain procedure should be done. An ethicist does not actually say something should be done or not. They simply identify options. And almost always, the decision is made to go ahead anyway.

These researchers seem to have no concern about the fact that they may be creating something that is at least partially human.

For those who believe there is no difference between animals and humans, this may seem perfectly acceptable. But for those of us who believe that man is inherently difficult, but he has a spiritual side, this is abhorrent. And once we open the gate to merging of animals and humans, there may be much greater sorrow to come.