Scientists explain astronauts’ feeling of awe

It’s interesting that this happens so often, that scientists felt the need to address it. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs when we limited humans see something that appears so limitless. I have read a number of survival stories of people in rafts across the ocean for long periods of time. In spite of their struggle simply to survive, there is always some portion of their time on the raft with their simply overwhelmed at the vastness of the ocean and thought that there is something greater than themselves. This is a natural reaction any of us would have to the wonder of nature. It is a sign that there is something greater than us but must be responsible for all of us.

In our modern world, we often surround ourselves with the trappings of what other humans have made. It is only when we get exposed to the majesty and vastness of nature that many of us begin to believe that there is something transcendent beyond just this world.


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