An Eye for an Eye

I try not to be partisan or political in this blog , so I’m trying just to focus on how one important person thinks. Trump was asked what his most favorite Bible verse is. He replied “an eye for an eye “. Most Christians would think of the New Testament version of that , which says that even though the Old Testament law says we should take an eye for an eye, Jesus said we should instead love our enemies. Not an easy thing to live up to, but that is very central to Christian behavior.

But as you read the rest of what he said, it is clear that he focused on the Old Testament version of that verse, which focuses on retribution for personal injury. The Old Testament focused on right and wrong. So and I for an eye in trumps world is not in the realm of loving your enemies, but in retribution.

I bring this up not as ridicule, but to point out how this man thinks. It is been clear from past comments, that he has a very limited understanding of what is inside the Bible. Here, he is using the Bible for justification for striking back at our enemies. Yet he has no understanding of the value of forgiveness.

This also brings into question why there are so many evangelical leaders who continue to support Trump. He says he is a Christian, but shows that he has a very inadequate understanding of what Christianity is. What is the mindset of Christians who promote Trump when this is the case?


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