University Moves to Fire Conservative Professor Over His Political Views

Open your mouth at risk of confronting the Thought Police…


What kind of mother leaks her daughter’s sex tape?

I truly never wanted to have an article that included the Kardashians, but this is an exception. This dysfunctional family is having a big impact on our culture. It remains to be seen whether these allegations are true of Kris Jenner, but it would not be surprising, based on the behavior of this family in their reality show. There are far too many mothers who seem to be willing to encourage their daughters into less than honorable lifestyles in order to get ahead . There are mothers who drive there daughters to abortions. There are mothers who take their daughters to a porn shoot.

Dysfunctional families hurt themselves. Dysfunctional families who become celebrities hurt those who to try to adopt their lifestyle.

Irreducible Complex ‘Minimal’ Microbe Evidence of Intelligent Design

20 years of research have produced the simplest microbe that can still function. The researchers made it as simple as possible, but it is still complex. The irreducible complexity of this micro seems to indicate the need for an intelligent designer.

Transgenderism of Children is Child Abuse, American College of Pediatrics Rules

Parents who enable transgenderism are only fostering confusion and a life of disappointment.

Dozens Of Swedish Woman Wear Hijabs To SHow Their Support For Islam After Brussels Terror Attack

Of course. Make yourself subservient to Muslim men to show your support for Islam. You may also want to stop driving and voting as well.

Reality Strikes Back

It must be tough when you have to live with reality.

The latest action of the NC Legislature basically says males should use the Men’s bathroom and females should use the Women’s bathroom. And this is supposed to be controversial. Enraging, even.

Will write more about this tonight.

See the Fox News report here: