Hillary Clinton Now: Hollywood Is Racist! Hillary Clinton Last Year: Receives $47 Million In Campaign Cash From Hollywood Backers

But it’s okay to accept money from those racists…



Al-Qaeda Imam Has Woman Dismembered For Wearing Bathing Suit

Another reason to kill infidels. Stupid jihadist.


Trump Says He Could Be Undergoing an Audit Because He’s a ‘Strong Christian’

Forget about this man’s politics. Why does he say this? Obviously, no one else believes this, which is why Cuomo asked Trump to repeat himself. Does he actually believe this? Is he delusional? Is he using propaganda? Based on past statements, I believe that this is his actual view of Christianity.


University of Albany students who claimed to be victims of racist attack charged

Obviously, most Americans want to show respect for others and treat them equally. Unfortunately, there is been a number of false claims of racism like this one recently. The concept of manufacturing a crisis has been around for sometime. What goes on in the minds of those who participate in such a hoax? Do they really feel that they will help their cause by distorting truth? It is ironic that sometimes those who wish to combat injustice end up creating an injustice.

Kudos to those who actually looked into the matter.


#BlackLivesMatter Says Supporting The Constitution Is ‘White Supremacy’

And we certainly can’t have that. Things that are called racist…