President Obama: ‘If a Person Destroys One Life, It Is As If They’ve Destroyed an Entire World’

I couldn’t agree more. Now, how about those unborn children who are alive?


Hot TV Trend: Pot-Themed Projects Pick Up Steam – Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood gives us yet another tool that we can use to train our kids…

Of course, most Hollywood executives probably already see marijuana as passé . Why not include this in the TV lineup? Their thinking is that it will bring more people to watch their shows. They probably can’t fathom that there would be substantial numbers of people trying to avoid the shows altogether.

Viral Photo: Chick-fil-A Manager Feeds and Prays with Homeless Man

A little kindness can go a long way. Is it too much to challenge ourselves to go out of our way for someone in need? What if we allowed our minds to think like this for just ten minutes each day?

There is a shift in thinking we have to do when we are encountered like this. It is a normal thing to step away from things that we consider unpleasant. What would motivate us to actually embrace the unpleasant? It is not the competitive ethic found in Darwinism. It is only when someone or something outside of ourselves motivates us to do this. Although all of us have an innate desire to be compassionate, we need some outside motivator to get us to embrace the unembraceable.

San Francisco park debuts open-air urinal

Although it’s good that the city is trying to address the problem, the fact that there is so much public urination indicates that there is a deeper issue. Maybe there are too many people who have no  inhibition with urinating in public.  Who does that? After all, there are sporting and other events where lots of people have to wait in long lines to do so. So what makes his park/ city different? Could it be that the city gives too much leeway to bad behavior?

Ohio State University Mandates Nursing Students Spend Two Weeks Learning About “White Privilege,” “Microaggressions,” “Everyday Racism”

The more you repeat propaganda, the more likely it is to be believed.

Danish teen fought off her attacker – now she’ll face fine

Hopefully a sane judge will throw this out, but no one should ever be challenged for simply defending themselves. Only an overly PC culture would think this is right.