Blog: Incarcerated Muslims sue Pamela Geller for wearing a bikini

Bored prisoners with too much time on their hands is cruel and unusual punishment for everyone else.


Teen said ISIS wanted him to blow up school, called Hitler role model

I wonder why radical Islam does not inspire their youth to try to build up their communities rather than destroy them. It’s because they cannot abide our culture. They want to start over.

Contrast that with other religions such as Christianity, even the most devoted forms of Christianity. They are willing to work to change our culture by winning hearts.

Hillary: I Would Close Half Schools In U.S., Those That Were Not ‘Better Than Average’…

This would be interesting. If you closed the half that are below average this year, then do that again next year, and continue doing it each year, you would have a continuously shrinking number of public schools. That may be a good way to start over again…

But the disturbing thing is that she feels the Feds have the ability to shut down something that is primarily run by the state’s.

Christmas Eve 1955 Was Much Warmer

This is not to stir up an argument, but to point out that, often we make judgments about things like this based on what we observe locally rather than looking at comprehensive data. Of course, that can also lead to wrong conclusions if he data is skewed. Nevertheless, we should look at all of the data available to us.

Germans Arming Themselves After Terrorist Attacks And Migrant Spike

Wait! I thought this was supposed to happen the other way around. First, we get guns, and THEN Muslims turn violent. Obviously, the Germans aren’t doing enough to fight climate change.