Brazen Acts of Cowardice

Moslem extremists see themselves as brave fighters against non-Moslem aggression. They believe that they are the courageous ones who are willing to risk life and limb for Allah. They see Western nations as weak and cowardly. In video after video, rant after rant, we see these same extremists making bravado against all who oppose them. They believe they will one day rule the world because of their acts of courage.

Although they may be formidable foes, they are definitely not courageous. They are cowards.

Only cowards hijack commercial airliners filled with ordinary citizens that pose no threat to terrorists and then fly those planes into large buildings filled with ordinary people who pose no threat to them. These planes and buildings were occupied by people with real families whose lives are destroyed. Just like a bully in a playground will pick out the weakest kids to insult and push around, Moslem extremists are cowards who simply look for defenseless people to kill and maim.

Only cowards would use innocent civilians as human shields. They use civilians to surround their leaders and their heavy weapons, believing that others would not dare to do anything that might endanger those civilians. They tell civilians to stay in dangerous areas so that, when those civilians are dead, it will cause their enemies to stop using deadly force. Only cowards would believe it was better to expose innocent civilians to deadly fire instead of their own worthless hides. 

Only cowards would fire rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas, not caring where they fell. Yet when opposing forces strike back, these same cowards withdraw into underground bunkers and decry any attempt to strike back at them as inhumane.

Only cowards parade civilians, reporters, and captured solders in front of video cameras and kill them. They already have imprisoned and often tortured these individuals. These individuals are not posing a threat to them and are at the mercy of their captors. Yet, these cowards find great pride in killing their prisoners on the Internet, believing that somehow Allah becomes greater when the strong shows brutality and withholds mercy. 

Only cowards kidnap women and girls and sell them into slavery. To them, anyone who is weak and defenseless is just “asking for” beatings, beheadings, rape, and murder. 

Only cowards plant bombs in civilian areas where they could kill and wound hundreds in crowded areas. 

Only cowards behead their helpless prisoners in front of the Internet for everyone to see. They believe it makes them look more powerful, but it only shows that they can only be powerful before the helpless. 

It is interesting to note that Western countries would never consider doing such things. Because of the cultural respect for innocent civilians, prisoners, and innocent human beings in general, we would never engage in such cowardly acts. Soldiers often go to great lengths, even putting their own lives in peril, to avoid civilian casualties. Although these soldiers are not perfect, and innocent lives are sometimes killed, it is standard practice to avoid hurting noncombatants. Imagine how different things would be if Western nations indiscriminately planted IEDs, killed our captives on the Internet, or enslaved the wives and children of those we oppose. Unfortunately, Moslem extremists have seared their consciences and no longer see these acts as cowardly. 

The playground bully never stands up to the strong, the self-assured, the uncowed. They always seek out and terrorize those who cannot defend themselves. Once someone does stand up to the bully, the bully typically backs down. By pushing back, the playground is made safer. 

People of all backgrounds and faiths know in their own conscience that cowardly acts like this are wrong. The strong is not intended to attack the weak, but to protect them. Moslem extremists and terrorists should be called cowards because that is what they are. And we should oppose them with strong force to put the cowardly bullies in their place. 


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