‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack arrested for alleged sex cult involvement | Fox News

It is often a question I ask myself when I hear about a new cult and their beliefs and practices:

Why would they believe/act that way, when it is so different from conventional beliefs and behavior?

I’m this case, the cult Nexium was a financial and motivational personality cult that ended up sex trafficking it’s own female members. They even branded those women, literally, with an iron.

Most cults are a twisting of Biblical concepts, so they feed off of people who believe the cult has finally found the “real truth” about God. Nexium, however, fed off of people with no appetite for God. Instead, it lured people in using things out current culture finds important: money, prestige, and sex.



Oldest Archaeopteryx Fossil Challenges “Missing Link” Theory

The oldest known fossil of an archaeopteryx has been uncovered in Germany. We have actually known for some time that the archaeopteryx is not an evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds. We have known this for quite some time. This article states that clearly.However, that myth continues to be spread by teachers and others who should know better.  

In fact, we have enough such fossils to realize that there are variations between the fossils which may indicate different species. Contrary to popular views of evolution, the fossil record shows that animal species sprung up in history all at once, fully formed, in a number of events known to scientists as fossil “explosions” (such as the “Cambrian explosion”). Instead of finding fossils that slightly change over millions of years, we simply find species that suddenly appear in the fossil record. Archaeopterys is one of them. 

It’s time we let the archaeopteryx “missing link” myth go to sleep. 


Study confirms: #FakeNews travels faster than real news | Watts Up With That?

In our age of sensationalism, it seems that anything that gets the attention of the crowd is what drives the news. Even if that information is proven to be false later. I’m sure there are some unscrupulous people who are taking advantage of this. This makes it even more important to investigate any claim of truth in our culture. How do we know that some quick news item is actually true?


I was a committed atheist and then this incredible thing happened to me

It always fascinates me when someone begins to question their way of thinking because life isn’t really working for them the way they are. This young woman was challenged to look into different world religions and something that made sense. 

Do you go through life just accepting whatever your friends say about life? Have you stopped to think about whether they are really satisfied with their life?


Texas teen was beaten, had hot cooking oil poured on her after refusing arranged marriage: police | Fox News

Another sad story of an immigrant family who comes to this country and forces their young daughter to marry a much older man. I understand that this is done in other countries, especially in Muslim countries. What I don’t understand is why they believe they can come to America and force their daughters into such a life. 

If only feminists would stand up for young ladies like this. 


Meditation doesn’t make you a better person | Daily Mail Online

Meditation, today called mindfulness, is promoted in all parts of our society. It’s seen as a panacea for stress and our generally busy society. It is promoted by health plans and by businesses to their employees. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.

As someone who was an advocate of meditation at one time, I can vouch for the results of this study. After meditating, you feel peaceful, but it doesn’t actually change your inward nature. I always wondered why, after meditating, I would still get just as irritated and angry at people as they always had.

 This new study confirms it. Nevertheless, I believe this will be advocated for many years. I don’t believe most people actually look at scientific conclusions these days.


California man confesses to 1993 murder in tearful TV interview; police arrest three | Fox News

This is an amazing story about how a man who committed murder later became a Christian and then confessed to his crime. He full well knew the consequences of his admission, yet came forward anyway. He will certainly be tried for his crime. 

What kind of change in a man’s worldview would make him confess? It would have to be a worldview that promises something much more than the penalties of his confession.