Hungry Venezuelans turn to Colombia for a plate of food 

People of Venezuela are starving. Not the government delete , who have already stockpiled all the food they want. I’m talking about the middle-class as well as the vast numbers of people in the working class who are responsible for electing President Maduro. 

 As indicated in this article, Venezuelans are streaming across the border into Columbia just to get some food. And sometimes they try to find work for a day. All this occurs before they have to return back to their home. Most of the time, the food relief comes from churches and Christian groups. 

 This is really fascinating. Venezuela is a socialist government. By definition, socialism should share equally with everyone. The poor will be taken care of. No one will starve. Yet in Venezuela , just about everyone is miserable. Many are starving and face complete ruin. This is not what socialism is supposed to be. But we’ve seen this happening for a long time. And it will probably get worse before gets better. 

 Yet, or are church and Christian organizations that are offering help to these poor Venezuelans. This is not a government program from Columbia. It’s not relief from the United States. For all of the concern for people in Venezuela and even in our own country, it always seems to come down to concerned individuals who are helping others out of the goodness of their own heart. Government programs are fine, but they rarely are there first, and they rarely bring about full change.

Do we all need to be constantly enraged?

The white supremacist rally in Charlottesville certainly enraged much of our population. There were violent acts, many people were wounded, and one person was killed. As a nation, we should be coming together and uniting over opposition to any racial supremacy groups. After all, white supremacist groups are fairly small. They don’t represent either the left or the right. However, there seems to be a great need to yell at each other and get angry at each other over this incident. 

As the article below indicates, it seems like we have a constant need within our country to be enraged. New sites are now focused on whatever they can do to enrage one group against another. It’s not necessarily about coming to a common understanding, but simply being mad at one another. 

 Yes, Americans need to oppose white supremacy. But both the left and the right already do that. This blog is all about trying to get people to look past the outrage of the news and think about what is actually happening. And it’s an examination of how we think. 

White supremacists want to fuse and unite their worldview to those of a conservative worldview. This really can’t be done. The conservative worldview is very much based on Western Christian principles. At the heart of that is to love our neighbor as ourselves. That cannot be done if you cannot love a neighbor who is different from you. I know a wonderful lady who is a solid Christian and lived next-door to a homosexual couple. She really had nothing in common with them, but every Christmas, she would take them a loaf of cinnamon bread that she baked herself. Of course, not all those who subscribe to a conservative worldview live by its principles. But most do.

 Instead of getting up every morning and looking for something to be angry at in the news, it is time to think about what we believe and what others believe. It’s time to stop calling the other side crazy , and actually listen to their views. We can debate one another and refute one another, yet still show respect for one another.

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves denies he’s ‘crazy’ as he’s questioned by Loose Women over £450k worth of surgery
Rodrigo Alves will seem bizarre to many people. As he should. After all, he is making surgical changes to his body to make him appear to be something he’s not. 

Notice that he says that he believes that he’s really can trapped in a different body. Who can argue with that when there are those saying they are a woman trapped in a man’s body or vice versa? 

 There are other individuals who surgically change themselves to make them look like a cat or like a snake. There’s something psychologically wrong with people who refuse to accept their own body. In times past, the psychiatric community would have said that these people are mentally ill. And they are.

 This is a sad affliction that affects a very small number of people. We know this is an aberration because it affects small number of people. The norm is to accept one’s own body. It is abnormal not to. These people need our help, and we should help them. But this is not helpful to say that their mental illness is okay. This also goes for transgender’s. They need our sympathy. But they also need to be told their condition is wrong.

There’s also something wrong with our society when we refuse to recognize reality.

Eternal Victims Are Never Satisfied

There’s a worldview which is called the eternal victim. One of the ways that you can detect this is how they react when their opponents gIve in to their wishes. 

 Palestinians in Israel by and large have that worldview. Recently, there has been a conflict about the Temple Mount. Israel tried to install metal detectors to protect everyone, including Muslims. It was a sensible move, because a Muslim terrorist snuck into the grounds of the Temple Mount and began shooting. Yet the Palestinians, in their eternal victimhood, decided this was too much, and rioted. When Israel came into their demands, the Muslims said that was not enough. It was not enough for Israel simply to return to the way it was, without metal detectors. 

 It is this worldview that is the Palestinians where they are, never able to accept compromise for partial victory. Only when you adopt mercy and worldview into your life can you escape the eternity of victimhood.

Take the Politics Out of Classifying Mental Disorders

Many people have no idea that the American Psychiatric Association’s decision to say that transgender people are normal was not based on a scientific conclusion. It was simply done by fiat. 

 For several years, there were news reports that a gay gene had been found. Of course that was a news reporter’s understanding of scientific findings. They typically understand and report science incorrectly. No such gene has ever been found. What we did discover was that, if you say something often enough, many people will believe it whether there’s any evidence or not. 

 A person may decide that homosexuality and transgender’s is normal, but it is not based on any scientific evidence. It would just simply be a preference 

 This article tells some of the story of how that decision was made. It was nothing more than a vote.

Students Love Socialism, Whatever That Is…

Campus Reform interviewed some college students about Socialism. According to these students, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. The only thing is, they don’t know what Socialism means. See the clip.

Socialism has caused problems everywhere it has been tried. It is currently ruining Venezuela. It has also ruined every Communist country (since Communism is Socialist at heart). It has a very well-known history of causing economic misery. Socialism promises to help everyone but only succeeds in making all but the elite miserable.

So it’s not hidden information. But these students have not taken the time to find out the truth. All they know is that it sounds cool. They have heard their friends talking about Socialism and decided it was okay. And their friends heard it from somewhere. And so on.

This happens all the time in society. We get our worldview from our friends. Many of us don’t really examine beliefs and select what is the right one. Instead, we just adopt the views of those around us, often without any skepticism.

But it takes maturity to actually question what we believe and learn what works in the real world.

Happiness From Being Generous Has a Neural Basis Within the Brain – Seeker

We know that plenty of people get happiness by simply giving to others. It’s been known for quite some time that , if you are depressed, you should try to do something for someone else. It’s great therapy. Also, Christianity and other religions talk about the value of giving to others . It’s not just for their benefit. It’s also for our benefit.